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Friday, September 07, 2012

Missing Timothy

Good Morning.  For some reason lately I have been thinking heavily of my son, Timothy.  I am sure that never goes away.  He is the child of my heart and I miss him.  I am having dreams about him.  Or should I say that he is in my dreams.  There is this part of my heart that aches to see him once more.  I am better at understanding grief.  Each person grieves in their own way whether it be to make jokes, cry, withdraw from the world.... whichever form grief takes is okay.  
I have been crocheting a laptop carrier to felt.  Will include photos when I am finished.  It is HUGE!!!  The end result has to be 16"w x 11"h.  I designed my own and will give a brief description of how I worked it here and later maybe be more specific.  Before I sewed up the sides, it looked like an "H" with Huge sidebars and a teeny center bar.  When I sewed the sides, It is an envelop with about 3" sides and bottom.  I put a flap on it and to make it stronger, I made a strap with a wide shoulder handle/pad at the top and then sewed it over the bottom and sides.  I will put on a weight (looks like a tree of life) for the flap when I am done.   It is made from LionBrand classic wool and from all my leftover pieces so it is indeed a "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors" laptop carrier.  I am making it for the young woman who comes to sign a Bible lesson for me about 3X a month.  I am excited to see how it looks when it is finished.
My son Shawn has a family!!   He met a girl about 2-1/2 years ago that he worked with for 2 years and then they started dating.  She sounds very nice on the phone.  Haven't met her.  They moved to MI for his new job and took 2 of her sons with them.  So he has a ready made family and is starting out with a teenager.  Smile.  God does answer prayers!!  
Brendan and has family is doing well.  He has finished studying Greek and is now studying Hebrew.  That along with his family and being a Chemical Engineer in charge of 92 or so other engineers.  Whew.
Kevin is not calling me or communicating with me still.  He says he doesn't know if he loves me.  Ha!  I defy him to find anyone who hasn't made mistakes in their life and then he can say taht.  We were so very close.  And if I call him, we still talk about how much we read or like certain books.  What happened????  I don't know.  But if he won't tell me then I'm not guessing.   I have no recent photos of Kevin to put up.
My cats are both fine.  Doing so well.  I pray to God every day that they don't get sick cuz I can't afford it.  They are so comforting and beautiful.  Wow.  
That's about it.    My life has been slow and peaceful for the most part except for that heart piece that is missing.
Sincerely,  Linda