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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Easy Peasy Moebius, Getting older, Learning New Stuff

I have been trying my darndest to get into my blog and the rules have changed and so I have to learn something new.....slowly but surely.  I am getting on in years...I admit it.  I finally gave in and bought a "cane seat" so that when I am walking -- and I do walk every day -- and things start hurting, I can whip out that little seat and sit down.  Before I was just stopping where I was until I could go on but I was afraid the neighbors would think I had to go to the bathroom or something.  Embarrassment.  whoa.

Anyway, I created this easy peasy moebius as a quick gift for elderly women who have no family so that RSVP can give it to them at Christmas.  I have made 2 of them.  No one has tested the pattern, but I do have 2 friends who are going to give it a try.  I sure hope you can use this pattern. I love sharing.  Linda

Easy Peasy Moebius 

by Linda Graimm

Worsted Weight yarn  (I used Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda, I think the color was...something like that)
Size J or K hook....whichever you feel more comfortable with
Gauge:  makes no never mind  Smile


Leaving a long chain about 12", Chain 127

Single crochet in 4th chain from hook, chain 3.

Row 1:   Skip 2 chains, single crochet in next chain across.  ( you may end up with 1 or 2 extra chains.  Ignore them and work them in later.  You need to have a number of ch 3 spaces across that are divisible by 2 with 1 extra so that you start with a ddcs and end with a ddcs (see next row).

Row 2:   Turn work.  Chain 2, in first chain 3 space place:  (double crochet - ch 1 - double crochet - ch 1 double crochet)  (double double crochet shell = ddcs);   *Skip next ch 3 space and in next chain 3 space, place a ddcs*  across the row, ending with a ddcs.

at this point, you will lie the work down and make one twist in the work and then slip stitch in first dc of row just worked (skipping the chain 2) to connect the row.  Now you will work around in rows and the work will have a twist in it.  You will use the beginning long chain to sew the first row together to make work look neater.

Row 3:   slip stitch into first ch 1 sp in ddcs, ch 1, sc in same space.  *Chain 3, sc in next ch 1 space* across row.   Slip stitch in first sc.

Row 4:   Slip stitch into first ch 3 space.  Ch 2,  place ddcs into same ch 3 space,  *skip next chain 3 space and place ddcs into next ch 3 space* across.  ending slip stitch into first dc of first ddcs.

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until as wide as you want the moebius (for sure to fit around your head plus 4 rows or 6 rows if you don't like snug things.  Finish off with ROW 3....this leaves a somewhat lacy edging to match beginning.    Weave in ends and let me know how it goes.