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Friday, October 30, 2009

Here I am, ready to complain...went to the dentist's office today...

and had a tooth pulled.  Credit scores always amaze me!  I lent all my savings to one of my family members and immediately, I broke three teeth...and, even though I'm on disability, I was able to borrow a goodly amount to put on my dental work.  A crown/cap, pulled tooth, new partial with a new tooth.  Yikers! 

**These boys are my oldest son and my third son. Doing one of the things they like to do best... computers and gaming.  We had a visit from Big B's family recently and we went to #1 Son's home.  Don't I LOVE to watch my grandkids faces as they interact and play.
**I am getting ready for a Nov 7th Craft Fair here in my community.  We have advertised outside so, hopefully, I will sell enuf to put a bit in my savings.  Every little bit helps, right?
**I have been suffering the slings and arrows of people who don't know me but feel they have the right to guess who I am.  I guess I am suffering them joyfully or some such because it doesn't bother my head (only my heart whom I am reasoning with).  It is wonderful to become more mature and learn to let people's "stuff" go and just let them be.   I am feeling down and working on that every day. 
**I have been having dreams of the past and they are most uncomfortable.  I wake up in a fog even though I know they are only dreams. 
I have not been blogging because the fibromyalgia/PTSD/Lyme disease has made me very tired and I have had to choose my chores and things I want to get done.  And today I choose to write and unload my mind a bit.  I cooked Luby a La-amb for myself and I LOVE it.  It is made from lamb cut up into small chunks, green beans (a lot!), 2 large onions, and a large can of Italian peeled tomatoes.  You brown the lamb chunks and onions in olive oil and then add the green beans (if you used canned, drain well) and tomatoes and cook for 4 or 5 hours over low heat.  It is best served over brown rice...but my fave is putting it into pita bread pockets.  YUMMMMMM.  I will be making my grandmother's fudge recipe next week for the craft fair.  The hardest part of making the fudge is not eating all of it!!  I have to make signs for my tables...yes I have TWO tables because I have a good bit of crafts PLUS recycling and stuff I will sell.

**I am blessed and thankful for the roof over my head and I never forget that.  I am thankful for two sons who love me.  Someday maybe the other two sons will forgive me whatever slings and arrows I have sent their way and stop wasting their lives blaming me and others for their lives and become friends with me again.  I am thankful for my ability to crochet and knit and greeting card recycling.  I am thankful for friends who read my blog and who support me in my moods and tiredness.  I am thankful for Russ S who has kept me "in computers" and now I have a laptop.  Yay!!  Thank you God for making wonderful people... okay, and thank you for the not so very wonderful people.  Big Smile.  I am VERY thankful for the God/dess who made us all.  I wish everyone could have as clear and straight a relationship with their Higher Power.   I have gotten much from the support and surprises I have gotten from God.  I am thankful for my ability to walk to the mall behind our buildings.  It is nice exercise and nice places to look at stuff....and we have a Dollar store.  Nice addition!!  I am thankful, just so thankful to be together in my brain and head and to be able to see my grandkids...the Frosting on the Cake of Life!!  Smile.
I have so much more I should write for myself but am getting tired.  I think I'll blame the dentist for taking the rest of the day off...tic.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This is a picture of my mom c. 1943.  She was a pretty lady and I miss her.  I want to see her again some day to apologize for what a bratty kid I was and hug her!  I have since fixed the picture but it is on another computer.  This one will do.
I have been so busy getting ready for our upcoming Craft Fair on November 7th that I have not had or taken the time to blog.  I really like to journal my thoughts just for me.
I feel so organized...I already started wrapping Christmas gifts that I have made.  Wow.  I impress even myself. 
I have no money.  sigh.  I am learning to live on a fixed income but not learning quickly enough to have savings for my 3 teeth that need fixing.  And soon I may get Medicaid.  That will be so exciting.  I wonder if they pay for dental... probably not.
I got to spend this past Saturday with my granddaughter, Tegan.  It was nice to see her face.  I enjoy just being around the grandkids and observing them and storing thoughts of them in my memorybank.  I also visited my friend, Pat, from FL.  She is visiting her mother who lives with sister Jean.  All the family was there.  It was so nice.  My friend Eileen enjoyed the visit, too.  Yay.  I love showing off my friends to each other and having them enjoy each other. 
Well.  Again, it's time to start crocheting on a sweater I have almost finished...if Bearli will let me, that is.  He has been attempting to get into the clear plastic boxes that hold yarn and thank goodness, so far, he has not been able to get at the yarn.  He is such a rascal...such a um er  Big Smile.  I love my cats.
Keeping this short.  Someday I plan to add more patterns.  Until then, Blessings on your day.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Spending too much money!

These cuties are made with a new glow-in-the-dark yarn.  They are just the right size to be a security blankie.

I have been thinking about how much money we spend on beauty products and cleaning stuff.  I have discovered that I can get around all that.  For rough elbows and feet (callouses or things like that) (and this works for many ppl, not all) get in the shower with an inexpensive face scrub (I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub) and using a rough washcloth and the scrub, wash your elbows and feet where they are calloused with the washcloth.  If you do this every day or every other day, I find that this roughness goes away.  I also find that gargling with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water works very well on your gums.  I have a friend who gave me two different wrinkle "removers" that cost $74 or more!!!!  What is that???  There has to be a better way.  I buy Aveeno creams and they work so well.  I use one on my face and eyelids that make me look "shiny" and keep my skin soft.  If anyone reads this and has any good ideas in this realm, please let me know.  I have checked out and they have some great recipes for beauty and cleansing!
Last night was bad dream night.  I am glad I am not a kid anymore and don't wake up crying and screaming (that I am conscious of anyways).  I just get up and go on knowing that they are not real.
Not much else to say today.  I am overwhelmed and have taken on too many projects.  Not something I often do...