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Monday, October 12, 2009

This is a picture of my mom c. 1943.  She was a pretty lady and I miss her.  I want to see her again some day to apologize for what a bratty kid I was and hug her!  I have since fixed the picture but it is on another computer.  This one will do.
I have been so busy getting ready for our upcoming Craft Fair on November 7th that I have not had or taken the time to blog.  I really like to journal my thoughts just for me.
I feel so organized...I already started wrapping Christmas gifts that I have made.  Wow.  I impress even myself. 
I have no money.  sigh.  I am learning to live on a fixed income but not learning quickly enough to have savings for my 3 teeth that need fixing.  And soon I may get Medicaid.  That will be so exciting.  I wonder if they pay for dental... probably not.
I got to spend this past Saturday with my granddaughter, Tegan.  It was nice to see her face.  I enjoy just being around the grandkids and observing them and storing thoughts of them in my memorybank.  I also visited my friend, Pat, from FL.  She is visiting her mother who lives with sister Jean.  All the family was there.  It was so nice.  My friend Eileen enjoyed the visit, too.  Yay.  I love showing off my friends to each other and having them enjoy each other. 
Well.  Again, it's time to start crocheting on a sweater I have almost finished...if Bearli will let me, that is.  He has been attempting to get into the clear plastic boxes that hold yarn and thank goodness, so far, he has not been able to get at the yarn.  He is such a rascal...such a um er  Big Smile.  I love my cats.
Keeping this short.  Someday I plan to add more patterns.  Until then, Blessings on your day.

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