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Friday, August 28, 2009

Quasi-Victorian Woman's Topper Pattern

This hat was fun to do. I created two similar ones and will post the pics, also.
The pattern has not been tested. If anyone makes one, please let me know if you find any errors, have any questions or problems. Thank you.

Materials: J hook; Red Heart Soft Yarn in 4 colors (altho' for the fourth color [white] I used Pompadour)

{Sample hat used: (A) Burgundy, (B) Medium Green, (C) Lilac Ombre, & (D) shiny white yarn}

Gauge: I didn't measure anything, just made a hat for an average head (mine = 22-1/2"). I used a smaller hook for the peach-colored hat which has a different finish.

Special Stitches Used:

1. Treble (Trbl): (this st is sometimes called a 'Triple') wrap yarn around hk twice, insert hk in next st, pull up a lp (4 lps on hook), *yo, pull thru two lps on hook* 3 times.

2. Double Treble (DT): wrap yarn around hk three times, insert hk in next st, pull up lp (5 lps on hk), *yo, pull thru 2 lps on hk* 4 times.

3. Triple Treble (TT): wrap yarn around hk four times, insert hk in next st, pull up lp (6 lps on hk), *yo, pull thru two lps on hk* 5 times.

4. Long Single Crochet (Lsc): insert hk into specified st and pull up lp longer than usual.

ABBREVIATIONS: Beginning = Beg; Chain = Ch; Double Crochet = dc; Fasten Off = FO; Half Double Crochet = hdc; Hook = hk; Loop = lp; Repeat = rep; Single Crochet = sc; Slip Stitch = sl st; Space = sp; Stitch = st; Yarn over = yo.


Rnd 1 (RS): With A, ch 4. In 4th ch from hk, place 2 dc, *ch 1, 3 dc in ring* 3 times, ch 1, join to beg 3, TURN.

Rnd 2: Slst into 1st ch-1 sp; ch 3, work (2 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in same ch; *ch 1, (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in next ch-1 sp*, rep 2 times more; ch 1, join. TURN.

Rnd 3: Slst in 1st ch-1 sp; ch 3, 2d in same sp, *ch 1, 3 dc in next ch-1 sp,* rep 2 times; (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in next ch 1 sp, ch 1, join. TURN.

Rnd 4: Ch 3, dc in ea dc to ch 1 sp. In ch 1 sp, work 3 hdc, *dc in ea dc around, work 3 hdc in ch 1 sp* around. Join, ch 3, TURN.

Rnd 5: Dc in ea dc and hdc in ea hdc around. (56 sts) ch 3, TURN.

Rnd 6 - 10: Dc in ea st around.

Rnd 11: Change to Color C; ch 3, crochet in back loops only, dc around. Join. DO NOT TURN.

Rnd 12 - 13: Rep Round 11 (56 sts still. smile)

Rnd 14: Attach B in last st worked. Ch 1, sc in same st, TT in unworked loop of Rnd 10 above, skip st behind TT, sc in next 7 sts; *TT in next unworked st in Rnd 10 above, sc in next 7 sts* Rep around, ending last rep with--sc in next 6 sts, join to beg sc. FO.

Rnd 15: (NOTE: because I used a lighter wt yarn--Pompadour--I crocheted this round very loosely.) Attach D with slst in 1st st, sc in same st and in next TT, *in next unworked st on Rnd 10, make TT; make DT in next unworked st of Rnd 11, sk 2 sc behind sts just worked, sc in next 6 sc* around. End last rep with--sc in last 4 sc. Join and FO.

Rnd 16: Attach A with slst in 1st sc, sc in same st and in next 2 sts (work over "stuff" behind long crochets so work looks neater) *make DT in next unworked st on Rnd 11, Trbl in next unworked st on Rnd 12, dc INTO next st on Rnd 13, long sc into next st on Rnd 14, sc in ea of next 4 sts* Rep around, end--sc in last sc, join.

Rnd 17: Ch 1, sc in same sc as joining. Sc in next 2 sc, 5 hdc in next st. *sc in ea of next 6 sc, 5 hdc in next st* around, end sc in last 3 sc, join. (I recommend working over double treble and treble below by catching the yarn in the back from the row below to make work neater and more 'stable').

Rnd 18: Ch 1, sc in same st as joining, sc in next 2 sc, hdc in next st, 2 hdc in ea of the next 3 sts, hdc in next st *sc in ea of next 6 sts, hdc in next st, 2 hdc in ea of next 3 sts, hdc in next st* around, ending -- sc in last 3 sts.

Rnd 19: Ch 1, sc in same st as joining and in next st; *sk next sc, (2 hdc in next hdc, 1 hdc in next hdc) four times, sk next sc, sc in next 4 sts* around, ending last rep with == sc in next 2 sc, join in beg sc.

Rnd 20: Ch 1, sc in same st as joining, sc in next st, hdc in next 5 sts; 2 hdc in ea of next 2 sts, hdc in next 5 sts. *sc in next 4 sts, hdc in next 5 sts, 2 hdc in next 2 sts, 1 hdc in next 5 sts* around, ending--sc in ea st to end. Join. FO.

Rnd 21: With WS facing you, attach D in 2nd st to right of joining st. Ch 1, (draw up a loop in this st and in ea of next sts) {4-sc dec made}, ch 3, sc in back loop of ea st around to next sc, Ch 3, *4-sc dec, (ch 3, sc) to next sc, Ch 3* around, end--sl st into "eye" of 4-sc dec.

Now the tricky part: with RS facing, flatten/fold 1st six rows into hat. See first picture above.
With RS facing you, flatten/fold 1st 6 rows into hat.
Attach B in top part of any dc on Rnd 6, sc in top of each dc until you are above a corner of beg granny square, 3 sc in this corner st. Keep as even a count of sc as you can between corners, work around in this manner. Join, FO. Weave in end.
Attach A to beg sc, slst in ea st around, join. FO, weave in end.
There you have it--a floppy, soft, comfy, interesting hat!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Next Step

The picture is of a pair of felted slippers that I made (crocheted). I think they represent well my life....sturdy, not perfect, and they help me take the next step and protect my feet.
This is THE Big Lesson that I have learned: Take the Next Step in your mind before you take it for "real" in your life. I didn't learn it until it was past saving some things in my life, however, I know it now. For example: if I had looked at my actions with my son, Shawn, I would have kept sending him to the counselor until he finally got bored and opened up; if I had looked at my actions in regards to men, marriage, relationships, I would have looked at the next step and gotten an idea of where I was going; if I had looked at my own actions in regard to the PSTD, I would have gotten help sooner...but ALL of these things came with maturity and after it was too late to change. Maybe that is part of our Higher Power's Plan? To live through things so that we can better help our grandkids? Who knows.
Rambling on enough. I haven't written in awhile because I have been busy creating--knitting, crocheting, singing, writing up a hat pattern. I also have been having a flare-up of the Fibromyaglia. It is painful both physcially and mentally. The pain is handle-able if I keep busy, but the depression and not being able to focus my brain endlessly is a problem. I catch myself staying inside and avoiding people. I know that is familiar to many others and so won't whine. Supercilious Grin here.
I miss my cousin, Dolly. She was such a good friend and such a funny girl! She had diabetes and died early in her life. Dolly, if you are 'listening,' I love you!! And I miss my cousin, Alan. He also died early in life (25 yrs old). I so wanted to communicate with him but didn't know how. Alan, I miss you and love you!! Hugs for both you and Dolly. Hey, maybe you met in Heaven and are both watching over me. (I know this is a fantasy but it would be so great!! They would have been good together.) wishful me.
I am waxing nostalgic today and I gotta quit because it is making me down. Yikes. My Bearli kitty is having to have a time-out in his house (which is sitting right here beside me). He has full run of the house, table, counters, etc etc etc, but I don't allow him behind the computer because he chews. Not good. So he is talking to me and asking me what is going on.
I will keep this short. Pat, you are in my prayers every day and in my thoughts a whole bunch. Blessings on my boys and their families. I pray for health, growth and always the ability to carry on for them all. I love my grandkids more than I thought possible!! I always wanted to be a mother and was still a foster mother when I started having grandkids and it was so difficult to make the transition but I think I've "got it." Big Smile. Love to my family and friends, love to all people (I'm working on this one big-time!) Emmalemmon47

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is Monsieur Bearli, checking out the stitches on the playmat I just finished. Busy guy, 'eh?
We had a sing-along yesterday afternoon here in the community room. What fun. We all sound so good together. Maybe we ought to take this show on the road? Grin.
I couldn't sleep so here I am early in the a.m. after feeding the cats, making the bed, and not much else, already online.
DIL, Julie, is trying to quit smoking! I am wishing and hoping and planning and praying.... that she can do it! Then maybe my son, Tim, will feel like joining her. I don't want any of my sons or anyone actually, to have cancer. I'm glad I never smoked. It is a smelly, nasty, EXPENSIVE and health-draining habit. Yikes!!
Looks like I am in "dribs and drabs" today with my writing. This a.m. I wrote each of my sons a note. I keep an envelope (that I made, of course, smile) for each of my four sons and from time to time write them notes. I want them someday to hear what I have to say and how I am feeling. And also ask for forgiveness for the mistakes I made, write what is in my heart, the love I have for each of them. They were such a treat to raise...made me look at the world thru different eyes, I'll tell you! And some of them have senses of humor which made life fun. They were active, lovely children. (I hear them now, Boys aren't lovely...) And I want them to know how much I appreciated having them in my home, my life, my heart. I was not a perfect mother but we did have times when we went out to the park, hiking, beach, movies, wherever we could go to get in a "little trouble" and be active. I hope someday that Shawn remembers those times. sigh. Nuffathis. I am going to check email, get dressed. Today is the day I go to the Sr Ctr for lunch and craft class. I make stuff for charity and hobnob with the craft wizards.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The hat on the right was a test pattern for me. It is made with shells and I discovered too late that I should have (oh, those should-haves!) planned ahead and the ends shells would have been more even. Anyway.
Our weather has been absolutely perfect! I even ventured to the store and didn't die from the heat. yay. I know that many ppl prefer heat but I like medium. I'm with John Denver when he sings, "I'm the kind of guy who likes to stand in the middle, I don't like all this jumping back and forth, me I'd like to live with my feet in Dixie and my head in the cool, cool North." tehee.
I have been catching up on correspondence, cutting postcards and bookmarks from old greeting cards (now I have to run the postcards thru the printer for side 2), playing with Bearli and Regan, and just all-around feeling good about things because they are getting done.
The one thing I have not done is put printed labels on and straightened out my files. Some day....
I miss my first husband, Jackie. I don't know about you but if I had some things to do over again I would have hung in there better and let other things go. Saying more about it doesn't bring him back but I do want him to know that I have Big Plans on seeing him again in Heaven. I hope God is in agreement with that plan! smile.
I am feeling melancholy so today is probably not a good day to write. I think about my son, Shawn, often. I wish him the best life. I do not dwell on things like I did, thank God, but I do still "wish." I pray a lot for Shawn.
I am learning how to get along without a car. I will get a bus pass, work with RIDE, pay gas to friends, walk!! I will get along. I am close to stores. The doctor will be a bit of a problem and my counselor but things will work out. I couldn't afford the car insurance at all.
I think I have rambled on enough to satisfy the blogspot gods and will close with Blessings for All and (to all a good night?? noooo) hope your days are going as they are supposed to go.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

crocheted dress, peaceful, friends, media

Here it is! The birthday dress I crocheted for my youngest grandchild. She loves it. I followed a pattern from one of Annie's Attic Crochet books. Don't have it with me right now. The one on the cover of the book was pink and white. It came out well!
I have no more Harry in my life, thank goodness. I tried my best to hang in until I could talk to his doctor but I just couldn't make it. I was kind, although I did say what was true and factual. He didn't listen. He doesn't know. He is too involved in his issues. I wish him the best and I hope that God follows him into the next phase of his life.
I visited with my 3 youngest grandchildren this past weekend. What JOY!!!! They make me feel so wanted and loved. And I want and love them so much. I wish we lived closer. My grandson said the same thing. They are very loving chilren and their parents are SUCH great parents. As we all know, though, parenting isn't all there is to grow a child, cause if that was the case, these kids would be huge successes and ideally peaceful in their lives. They are all God loving, also. And Jesus, too, of course. Smile.
I actually walked yesterday to CVS for meds. It isn't far but when you have fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease, etc., it feels like a trek. But I DID IT!!! And feel okay today. I push myself because the alternative is lousy...lying in bed or on the couch and being bored and depressed. I am never bored but sometimes depressed. As I get older, I get better and more peaceful. YAY for peaceful!!
I have a best friend named Pat. We have been friends since we were about 3 yrs old. We are in our early 60's now. It is wonderful to have that shared past, kids games to remember, friends and family. Her mother, Alice, is still alive and doing well. She has senior dementia but seems physically healthy. She is 94 or thereabouts and I love to visit her. She laughs at my jokes! tehee. Alice with lives with her daughter, Jean. All of the family is so nice. I feel like I have a second home. I love making things for them and seeing them. It builds my self-esteem, makes me know that the world is better in places. When I watch/read/hear about some of the things that happen in this world, I am sad. I know that many of these things have been happening all along, but the media brings out the worse in any subject, event. The reporters get paid to get sensationalism and to fill the pages with garbage. I wish just once that a newspaper would pay a reporter to find uplifting stories and events and fill a column every day. Just once. Wouldn't that be great??
Bearli and Regan are well. They play together very well...and fight. But I have not heard growling or hissing at all. Thank God. They need each other for when I cannot be here. I am so thrilled to be a Cat Person. I grew up very afraid of cats (don't know why, but my sisters and brother are the same still!!) and that went away about 7 years ago when I took in Regan. He was so beautiful and so cute and so busy!! How could I resist him? And over time I got to know cats and feel comfortable now. And I love them, every one of them! All of my friends' cats. I would love to have a home big enough to take more in...oh, yeah, and money to feed them and take care of them. smile.
I am thankful for this blogspot on which I get to vent and write my thoughts. I am thankful for the people who set up such things. Blessings on everyone's day. Thank you, Heavenly Parents!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Good Morning. It's August already!!

The hat on the right is a crocheted, felted "affair" that I worked up out of leftover pink and red yarn. It came out quite well. Again, another standard hdc increase each row pattern with earflaps added on using a 3-dc shell as a base.

Time goes faster and faster as I get older and older. I can remember being bored in school and watching the clock and now I don't even get a chance to look at the clock!! I remember playing the Wonder Ball game (..the wonder ball, goes round and round. to pass it quickly, you are bound. if you're the one to hold it last, the game is passed and you are OUT!) And Chinese jumprope, regular jump rope (can't for the life of me remember any jump rope songs...) and hand clapping games (..I am a pretty little Dutch girl, as pretty as can be, and all the boys around the town are crazy over me. my boyfriend's name is Jello, he comes from Monticello, with a dimple on his nose and 3 black toes, and that's the way my story goes. etc.) Time flies when you are having fun and you don't even know it!!
I haven't written in awhile because life has gotten the best of me. I have, however, figured out how to "work with" Harry's problems, so that is a big plus. I fully believe that he has had Schizophrenia all of his life but no one has ever gotten close enough to him to notice...not to mention that he pulls back when you start getting close to him. He had a really rotten background/upbringing and I understand. It just took me awhile to work with it. NOT because I am good or perfect or whatever, but I will go with him to the doctor's and see if I can't get the doctor to do some tests. But at least Harry seems happier being apart from everyone and back to carrying his briefcase.
I have been crocheting up a storm plus I knitted a felted purse (pictures to follow). I feel so accomplished.
Today I am going to see my youngest grandkids. I can hardly wait to see their bee-you-tee-ful faces!! I love these guys. They are adorable, funny, smart, interested in life, great faces, growing up with good parents, wonderful!! But I don't get to see them enough due to not being able to sit in a car that long or able to drive that far. But I will see them again on the youngest one's birthday.
Meanwhile, Timothy and Julie moved about 5 minutes away. It will be great to visit them today, even though there home will be overcome with moving boxes. We will bring them a pizza for housewarming gift, plus other little stuff.
I love my Heavenly Parents and am thankful for my home, my friendcats, my ability to grow, and my blessings.
Regan just jumped on top of the refrigerator. Guess he is exploring. It is usually Bearli who is up there. Hey, Regan, glad to see you awake and exercising!!!