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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Mother and her family...a start

This is a picture of Gwendolyn Maybelle Stimpson Monk Cretinon c. 1942. I think she was (and is) a pretty lady. My mom died in 1997, after being brain dead for 7 years. My stepfather, Raymond Emile Cretinon, couldn't let her go because she had responses and her eyes moved so he thought she might wake up. It was a very tough time for my dad, Ray. His nickname was Biddy because he worked on his father & mother's farm and worked with the hens. He was the farthest from a hen you could ever see. Smile. Anyway, my mom used to work at Barbour-Welt, I believe, when this picture was taken. She was raised in a family of 13 children and she told stories of how each girl had one dress and they exchanged them daily so they could wear something different. My mother had 3 brothers: Orrin, the oldest; Buddy, the middle son, and Earl, the youngest son. They have all passed away now. My uncle Orrin was kind of stand-offish and I really didn't know him. He married Gertrude and they had two children; Roger and Melissa. They at one point shared an apartment building with my Grandmother and Grandfather Stimpson...this was when my Aunt Carolyn was still young because I remember visiting them and seeing my Aunt Carolyn (the youngest child--who had a twin sister who died at a very young age...Marilyn) going off on dates with 4-wheeled white roller skates on her shoulder and wearing roller skating skirts. This was in Brockton MA. Anyway, My Uncle Buddy married Beatrice and they had no children. However, Uncle Buddy and Aunt Bea "took in" the nephews and nieces at different periods of time,usually for the summer. My cousin, Jeannie, (daughter of Muriel Stimpson Simanski) and my sister, Judy, and I. We got to have bbqs and go to Cape Cod (Scusset Pier) to fish and beach. My Uncle Buddy was great. He talked to me (not at me or down to me) and taught me lots of things about business and words. I loved him a lot. Aunt Bea was rather strict and impatient but a very nice lady. They always had a dog--a miniature black collie, I believe it was. And the dog was very spoiled and their "baby." And I was afraid of figure that one out...
Uncle Earl married Gloria and they had two children; Douglas and Donna. We spent a lot of time at Auntie Gloria and Uncle Earl's place for bbqs and playing. My mother played cards with my Auntie Gloria. She was one of my all-time favorite people and very honest and outspoken. I loved it!! Auntie Gloria and Uncle Earl divorced later and Uncle Earl remarried Joanie. Auntie Gloria remarried Carl Clark. The family seemed to split and hasn't been the same since.
That is about it for the uncles in my mother's family. I will write about the aunts another time.
Harry is off playing Bocce and I am going to spend the day working on projects as soon as I get off the computer.
My son, Shawn, sent me an email in response to one I had sent out to everyone in my family regarding a prayer from Billy Graham. It was a wonderful, Common Sense prayer. Shawn reacted very strongly to it and told me that he will from now on delete any emails from me and he doesn't want to hear from me. I am sad about that but I am also tired of the excessive reactions he has to anything I send him. He said that I said that mothers are always right. I said that in jest and he has taken it angrily and in a way I didn't mean it. It is as if no one's sense of humor is valid except his. I am so sorry that Shawn is so angry and so alone. He doesn't want anything to do with anyone in our family and my heart hurts that he has chosen this route. I pray truly that he matures someday soon and lets all of his anger about the past go. We have to look at our past and INTEGRATE it into the person we are becoming. I have done that and I pray so much that he will be able to do that and not waste time. I truly don't want to die without a clear path of communications between us. But I also truly don't want to spend my life trying to figure out how to help him. He has to do something himself if he ever wants to be happy and fulfilled. Life is important and Shawn's life is important. Shawn says I don't know him. Well, get off yourself, Shawn, and let me know Who You Are!! I am waiting.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Victorian Jacket, Sold Car

This is a picture of my favorite pattern. It is a Victorian Combing Jacket and I have made 2 of them with mixed results. It is an old pattern and I love it and will keep making one until I get it right. Meanwhile, my Juliedil will wear it to keep herself warm.
I got a great email from my cousin, Sunshine (real name Delores but that is a great nickname, hey?) and she has a website gallery of the purses and bags that she sews. Delores is the third child of my Aunt Dotty. The other two children are Dorothy (called Dolly to keep all the Dorothys straight!) (Nana was Dorothy Tower Monk, Aunt Dotty was Dorothy Monk Cruz), and Ernest Cruz. My favorite cousins were Dolly, Sunshine, and Betty Golek, who is the daughter of my Nana's twin sister, Velma. Got all that.
Plus I got in touch with my cousin Nancy from my mother's side of the family. Nancy's mother's name is Carolyn Stimpson Day and her father's name is Robert Day, who is a twin to Harry Day. Nancy and me and my sisters and brother all lived at the same address in N. Easton MA and had good times playing in the "swamp" out back and our yard had an interesting "hole" that I guess was the base for a garage that never got built. We made a fort there and it was fun. When I think back on the games we played: tag, hide-and-seek, paper dolls. It was such a great and innocent time. Yikes.
Harry and I have been companions now for 11 weeks. Things are moving along and we are straightening out his finances. He is "all over the place" with banks, paper, and "stuff." And it is slowly getting done. It is tiring but when we are finished, he will be set.
My car has been sold and today the ppl are picking it up. Whoa. It was sold fast and neatly. i am sure that Heavenly Parents had their hands in that one. Now I will share Harry's car and that is fine because neither of us goes anywhere far or for long.
And life goes on. I am old enough that I ought to have learned to "quick relax" by now but am still working on it. I am so glad that I have a follower. I am growing and blessed. Have a great day, everyone. Persevere!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bearli & Regan, Genealogy

These two fin critters are Regan (the big Maine Coon cat) and Bearli (the little feral cat) about a year ago. I came across the picture and was amazed at the difference in their sizes. They get along so well. They fight and play with the best of them!! My two rescued babies.
I got a message from my cousin Nancy on Facebook and was very happy to hear from her. I have been trying to get my brain together to write down some of my history so that my sons and family can look at it later and have some type of records. I missed getting any of that from my mother and father's families. I did a great amount of genealogy and have copies of documents (marriage certificates, death certificates, etc.) and even cards and "wiregrams" from my father and Uncle Harold (father's side) when they were in WWII. They are so great to have. I have none of that stuff from my mother's side. It is sad. But I will share what I have with anyone who wants to pay the copy fees. Yikes!! They are immense records. My cousin, Linda Beek, (my mother's cousin's daughter) had many records MANY!! but she died about 2 years ago and her husband would not share those with me even though I asked. Rats. Oh, well, I will get what I can and let the rest go.
Harry and I are going to Walmart today to get stuff for the kitties and some DDR for my computer. I want RAM, lots of memory so that my computer will not bog down. Yayyyy memory. Smile.
Blessings on everyone and have a Great Sunday!! Love you, Nancy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here I am, frustrated again!! you suppose it is time to do some meditation and save my body from high blood pressure??
This cutie is Bearli. He is 14 months old and my baby. He is a rescued cat and loves Harry. I am SO thankful for him.
Today I have already taken a neighbor to the library, worked on some projects, played with Regan and Bearli, fixed some stuff on Harry's computer, started a card to send to my #3 son's kids for July 4th, not to mention the normal stuff like shower, clean the kitchen, and straighten up the bedroom. I am THANKFUL that I only have 3 rooms. Smile.

I received pictures of Caleb, Emma, and Natalie yesterday. They are SO beautiful and energetic. Natalie looks a whole lot like Caleb. Will post pics later to show you what they are up to. Caleb was motorcycle riding in the pics, Emma is moving right along in her Karate class. She broke boards with her hands!! I am so impressed. Natalie loves to take part in the home schooling by crawling all over the materials and checking them out. I long to drive there to see them and check out their school room and see what they have been doing. And maybe take a dip in the pool! Hm.

I have a follower! Yay. I have checked out her blogspot and she does wonderful work!! Her name is Cheyenne Henderson. She has the best patterns! Cheyenne, you really should publish a book with those patterns. Yikes, Stripes!! Thank you for joining my blogspot. Now I am not "alone." Big Grin.

Today we (Harry and I) go to lunch and then to Crafts Class where I will attempt to teach a 2-needle side-seamed sock pattern. And I am finishing putting together my 2nd afghan for the homeless. Easy-peasy and I feel accomplished. Blessings on everyone.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harry Companion and Pattern Frustration

...and not necessary in that order or connected! Here's a picture of
me and friend Harry. Not a bad looking couple for our combined
ages of 137 years.
I have finished my pattern, written it up, got the pictures done,
and cannot figure out how to get a picture into my Ravelry pattern that I posted. Yikes, Stripes! But I will keep working on it until I get it right. I am proud of my simple prayer shawl/ lapghan Turning Circle pattern.
On another note, Bearli has been eating the felt yarn and things that are made from felt. He doesn't touch the regular yarn. I wonder why that is...I will have to ask my friend Melinda who knows a whole lotta stuff about cats and dogs. Bearli is such a loveable "pup" (although he is a kitten) and even gets into the trash. He is curious, busy, very mobile, loves to chase things, jumps like a kangaroo and, for some reason, walks all over me while I am sleeping. Maybe he loves me? Or maybe he is just smelling "sleep."
Regan, on the other hand, (7 years old) is more sedate and just loves to be brushed, scratched, and flirts a lot. He is a Maine Coon and has become more outgoing as he gets older.
Life is a bit hectic. Harry and I just made out our Wills and I am selling my car so that I will have more everyday money and won't have to pay insurance, AAA, etc. Harry has put me on his insurance, etc. Life is going along just as Heavenly Father and Mother wants it to for me. NOT shades of Mormonism or any other religion, but rather my thoughts as gathered from the Bible. (God created us in His image, men and The only thing that bothers me from my reading is that when we die, we all go " if we are asleep" and I have been praying to my father, mother, Nana, friends for years and I am wondering if those prayers "go anywhere." Anyone have the answer to that??
Blessings to All.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Turning Circle Prayer Shawl Pattern

I FINALLY FINISHED WRITING DOWN THE PATTERN for the Turning Circle Prayer Shawl. I had to make a second one so I could remember what I did and the finish on the 2nd one is different. I couldn't remember what I did on the first one and I don't have it anymore.
If anyone tries this pattern and takes a picture, please let me know if you find any errors or have any comments. I welcome all comments.
See picture of this Shawl at under

Materials: Leftover Worsted Weight Yarn. I don't know the exact amount. I just worked until the shawl was the size I wanted it. (Smaller: Baby version; Larger: Lapghan or Shawl) I did use some "fluffy" stuff hanging around to make it different.
Size Hooks: 'K', 'L', and you may need an 'M' or even an 'N'.

NOTES: 1) Ch3 at the beginning of each row LOOSELY. 2) Gauge is not important as you can adapt the pattern to make larger or smaller. 3) At various times, lay the shawl down on the floor or a table to check to be sure that it is lying flat. If yours is NOT lying flat, go up one size hook OR ch more between rounds OR place 3 dc in chain space instead of 2. 4) This shawl requires LOOSE work. If you tend to crochet tight, don't be afraid to use a Hook one or two sizes larger.

Ch 4, join into a circle with a slst.

Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc now and throughout). Dc in ring, ch2, *2dc in ring, ch 2* around until you have 6 2-dc sets with ch2 in between. Slst in top of Ch 3.

Row 2: Ch 3; 2 dc in next dc, ch 2, *dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc, ch 2" around. Slst.
(6 3-dc groups with 2 ch bet)

Row 3: Ch 3; *dc in ea dc to last dc of group, 2 dc in last dc, ch 3 between groups* around. Slst.
(six 4-dc groups with ch 3 bet)

Row 4: Ch 3; dc in ea dc to end of group, 3 dc in last dc, ch 3 bet groups.
(six 6-dc groups with ch 3 bet)

Row 5: Ch 3; *dc in ea dc to end, 2 dc in last dc, Ch 4 bet groups. Slst
(Six 7-dc groups with ch 4 bet)

Row 6: Ch 3 (LOOSELY!!); *dc in each dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch 4 space, Ch 4* around. Slst. (Six 9-dc groups with ch 4 bet)

Row 7: Rep Row 6, placing Ch 5 between groups. Slst
(Six 11-dc groups with ch 5 bet)

Row 8: Change to Size 'L' hook. Ch 3; *dc in ea dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch space, ch 5* around. Slst. (six 13-dc groups with ch 5 bet)

Row 9: Ch 3 (LOOSELY); *dc in ea dc, place 2 dc in ch space, Ch 5*. Slst.
(Six 15-dc groups with ch 5 bet)

Row 10: Slst into next dc, ch 3; *dc in ea dc to end of group, 3 dc in ch sp, Ch 6* around. Slst. (six 17-dc groups with ch 6 bet ea group)

Row 11: Sl st in next st, ch 3; dc in ea dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch sp, ch 6, *skip 1st dc, dc in ea dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch sp, ch 6* around. Sl st
(six 18-dc groups wtih ch 6 bet)

Row 12: Rep Row 11. (six 19-dc groups with ch 6 bet)

Row 13: Rep Row 11, placing ch 7 between groups. (six 20-dc groups with ch 7 bet)

Row 14: Sl st in next st, ch 3; dc in ea dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch sp, ch 7, *skip 1st dc, dc in ea dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch sp, ch 7* around. Slst. (six 21-dc groups with ch 7 bet)

Row 15: Rep Row 14. (Six 22-dc groups with ch 7 bet)

Row 16: Sl st in next st, ch 3; *dc in ea dc to end of group, 2 dc in ch sp, ch 8* around. Sl st.
(six 23-dc groups, ch 8 bet)
NOTE: Don't forget to lay shawl/lapghan down to check to see if it is lying flat. :-o

Row 17: Rep Row 16 with ch 8 bet groups. (six 24-dc groups, ch 9 bet)

Row 18: Rep Row 17. (six 25-dc groups, ch 9 bet)

Row 19: Sl st in next st, ch 3; *dc in ea dc to end of group, 3 dc in ch sp, ch 9* around. Slst
(27-dc groups, ch 9 bet)

Row 20: Rep Row 17 as written. (six 28-dc groups, ch 9 bet)

Row 21: Rep pattern with ch 10 between groups. (six 29-dc groups, 10 ch bet)

Row 22: Rep pattern with 3dc in ch sp and 10 ch bet groups. Sl st.
(six 31-dc groups, 10 ch bet)

Row 23: Ch 3, dc in ea dc and ch st around, Increasing one dc every 15st by placing 2 dc in the 15th st. Sl st to join. (NOTE: If need be, you can increase more to get work to lie flat.)

Row 24: Ch 3, dc in next 3 dc, 5 dc in next dc, *skip 2 dc, sc in next sc, ch 2; dc in ea of next 4 dc, 5 dc in next dc* around. You may need to "fudge" to fit the pattern at the end as I didn't count stitches. Sl st in beg ch. Fasten Off.

I hope you like this pattern. The idea came from looking at old doilies on a vintage site.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Thursday Morning

It has already been a productive day. (I finish more things in the morning than other ppl do all day? --courtesy of an Army Ad) The picture added (which I hope I can add later) is one I found on Harry's computer. Trees are SO full of life and remind me that they are reaching up to the sky and God!
I used to lived in a home where I could lay all the "ingredients" for my crafts and they would stay there. I do miss that. I didn't have two naughty cat babies, either. Bearli has already gotten his workout wrestling paper pieces from me and chasing a plastic ring. It's funny because at certain periods, both of my cats "fetch," but other times--nada. Is that Cat Brain Freeze or what?
I have a friend named Melinda. I met her online quite a few years ago. I have never met her--I have seen a picture of her--but I think of her as a real friend. We exchange interesting stuff in the mail--old greeting cards, postcards, paper. I am a paper freak so it is wonderful. She lives in AZ and tells me about life there. She "collects" abused cats and dogs and gives them a better home. Melinda sends uplifting emails. I admire her for her dedication to the animals. She is very very knowledgeable about the cats and dogs. And I am not hesitant at all to ask her questions about cats so I can better understand mine. She has many that are ill and watches over them and makes their lives happier until their lives are no more. It makes me sad to know that she gets very attached to the "kids" and they leave her. Anyway, I did want to mention Melinda in my blog because she deserves the space and time...and tribute.
Harry Friend is looking over my car insurance policy to see if I can possibly cut back on the rates. Being broke is not much fun in this money-oriented world but I would like to hold onto my car for a long time. It is 11 years old now and looks and acts darn good. Life goes on and God gives you what you need, whether you know you need it or not, so I pray that I am able to accept God's Will in everything. Blessed Be.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missed a few days in my frantic efforts to catch up...

Hm. It has been a few days of list-making and following the lists. I am proud to say that I did get to cross of some things. I finished Emma's sweater, Like Totally! It looks great and will post a picture when I get the CD back. I also finished putting together blocks from the Sr Ctr crafts class and now I am putting on the edging in crochet. These afghans go to Crossroads for the homeless. I think it is a great idea and plan to do more. I made a baby hat and love to make those because they go quickly. Now I will start doing and writing the pattern for a Plarn Rain Hat for Men. It is made from plastic-bag yarn and it will be waterproof and hopefully in the shape of a fedora...I have to work on that. I have saved green plastic bags from Savers and they should look wonderful...more to come on that.
I am concerned about #4 son, Kevin. I got a phone call from him telling me he was thinking of separating and divorcing Jenn so she can have a better life. His diabetes, agoraphobia, and other physical and soul problems are making him feel like he is not good enough for her now. I feel so bad because I always thought that Jenn and Kevin were definitely Soul Mates and would be together forever. They certainly have supported each other over the times of their marriage. I have not heard back from Kevin and am concerned he will move and I will not have contact with him. I did buy them both cell phones a few years ago but don't have those numbers. I don't understand any of why Kevin won't stay in contact with me and it hurts my heart because I would like to be there for him/them.
Son #2 is the same at not keeping contact. I want to know him as an adult but he will not allow it. I know that I can't force him and that worrying about it is useless so I just keep on keepin' on and hope that someday Shawn will move back up this way to get to know his nephews, nieces, and brothers again...and me, too, of course.
I wanted to download PatFriend's picture today but realize I am not on my home computer. Tehee. Can do it later. I am waiting for Followers but not tied to that. I just like having this blogspot to write down thoughts and an autobiography of sorts.
Thank you, God, for everything. Everything that I need I have and You have done a marvelous job of fulfilling little wants, also. I am Blessed everyday in every way.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Seeing the Truth

It is very difficult to look at the truth and accept it for yourself. It is even harder to admit it to other ppl.
The baby picture on the top of my blog is of me when I was a year has been touched up and the colors deepened. My eyes are clear because I don't know the ways of the world yet. I was a good learner and my eyes became cloudy until I started looking at my life and accepting it. You know, it is a funny thing, I have always loved my parents and understood my father. No matter what they did. It took me awhile to understand my mother, though. My personality, genes, "equipment" I came to earth with all worked with my environment to help make me who I am. I am a fighter, a survivor, a funny person with a ready sense of humor, entertaining, compassionate, down-to-earth, spiritual. I have accepted that not everyone in the world will like me. And I can speak up for others or myself!
All that aside, the picture was taken when my family lived in Rockland MA with my Nana & Grandpa. The house was white, a duplex. My Nana's twin sister lived next door. Aunt Velma was exactly like my Nana except she was skinny. Nana was er um ah portly. ;-O Aunt Velma and her husband (can't remember his name at the moment) had two daughters: Lorraine, skinny and loud; and Betty, the baby, who was smart, appeared calm and nice. Our side of the house was always in an uproar. My Nana did not like my mother and showed it often. Nana was my favorite person but I could see that she was mean to my father and favored my Aunt Dotty (my father's sibling). The meanness came out in strange ways. My grandfather used to push my father into the closet off the kitchen for reasons my child's mind couldn't fathom. My father was a quiet man. He went to war (WWII) and had his arm shot off on the battlefield. He was in the Army as an infantryman for 6 years. I have the original wiregrams that were sent to my Nana. (Those and some for my Uncle Harold, one of Nana's 17 siblings...yes--her mother had 18 children!! 3 sets of boy twins, 1 set of girl twins, and 11 singles. Yikes!!) My father was a very very quiet man, as I've said before, and loved to play cribbage with his dad, Uncle Harold, Uncle Russell, and later, Uncle Leon.
At Christmas, my Nana went all out. The house was always decorated for a King. There was angel hair, bubbling ornaments, dolls, so many ornaments. It looked like a fairyland. We always went there for Christmas Day and to my other grandmother's the day before. (Grandma Stimpson's--Ruth Lyon Stimpson and Archibald Richard Stimpson--at least I think that was my grandfather's given name. That is another story.)
I have many cards that my grandfather gave to my Nana for birthdays, Mother's Day, etc., all of them signed "Your Friend, ELM." Interesting way to sign a card to someone that you have been married to for more than half your life. (E.L.M. stands for Ernest Lysander Monk--love that name Lysander!)
This post seems to be meandering and has no real point other than to put down in words my observations and thoughts.
I have finished Emma's sweater. It is Blocking as I write this. Yay. I have quite a few projects to catch up on and made a list to keep myself on a straight path. The pain today is not good and I am so very tired. I must think of another way to say that last sentence so it doesn't get boring. It is my life now and I accept it, however, I like to vent or talk about it occasionally. Does that mean I am whining?? ;-}
I am blessed. I have God on my side. I believe that God has two sides--female and male, OR there is two Gods in Heaven, one being the father figure and the other the mother figure. What makes me think that? Because, " the beginning, He created man and woman in His image..." So where did the image of woman come from if not from God?? Just a thought.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bren N Bek, Meandering on Friday

This fine looking fellow and gal are #3 son, Brendan, and his wife, Bek. They have 3 children who are darn near perfect! Matter of fact, Bek N Bren are darn near perfect. Makes me nervous when people are this perfect. Big Grin.. This picture was taken in 2003. I haven't come to the newer pictures in my CDs yet. And I am slow.
Today being Friday, opens up a lot of avenues for me. I could do just about anything today! I am in dire need of buttons for granddaughter, Emma's, Christmas sweater and I have run out of places to look so I will now look online. There used to be a great accessory place in Attleboro but that seems to have gone by the wayside. I looked at the PRICES online of buttons I would love to put on E's sweater but they start at like $5.00 each and I need SIX!! Yikes. Isn't there a thrift store anywhere around that hoards buttons just for me??
Bearli is lying here next to the computer on his special bed and falling asleep as I type. He is just such a beautiful baby!
Today it is overcast, rainy, and humid. Not a good representation of a New England anyone would want to live in. But I like it. NOT the humidity, but the "middle-groundedness" (is there such a word?) of it.
'Moff to find buttons.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This fine looking fellow is my grandson, Devin. He is now 13 years old. This is last year's bday picture & he has changed a lot in one year! Whoa. Talk about feeling like time is flying.
I am waffling today between running out to look around Saver's or starting to straighten out my personal and pattern files. Big Sigh. I really want my pattern files done so my living room will finally be "normal." But it is so gorgeous out and the walk to Saver's would do me good. PLUS the Chinese Restaurant is there. Decisions, decisions.
I am almost totally finally completely finished with my granddaughter's, Emma, Christmas sweater. It is coming out so gorgeous! It was the most complicated pattern I have done in many years. It consists of working the pattern stitches and watching the color changes. yikes. But I did it! All I have to do is set in the sleeves and do the edgings/collar. I still haven't found buttons to go with it and will have to look online.
This journaling stuff is good for my soul. This morning I rec'd an email with a "Rare Picture" Power Point Presentation. The pictures were wonderful and some made me cry, others made me pause and Thank God for this world. I know there is a lot of bad and horrors happening on this Earth but I also know there is a lot of good and beauty and helping going on, too. We need to see the balance. I am SO thankful for emails and reminders that tell me this world is also good.
I miss my friend, Pat. That rascal has resided in FL for many years. (I can't imagine living with all those insects and all that HEAT!! I am a middle-of-the-road person. Don't like ice, don't like heat. And I think New England has THE BEST weather of all.) Pat made me an Eeyore blankie for my birthday. What more could you ask for then an attitude like Eeyore when you are feeling hyper. tehee. Eeyore is residing in my living room on my "new" chair (new to me) and he looks very bold and happy. Bearli loves to sleep at his feet (hoofs?) (hooves?), where he is sleeping right now. kewt.
Harry is having a "suggested" day off from me. I will go to the doc's this afternoon to see if I can get some stronger meds for the Perleche. It has been 9 weeks now that I have had it and the med I had doesn't seem to be strong enough. It is a boring disease to have because I can't kiss my grandkids or my sons and dils (daughter-in-laws). This, too, shall pass.
I have so much to be thankful for. My illnesses slow me down and give me time to look at the world and lots of time to think! And much time to do craft projects. So it works for me. I am rich in love and friends and ppl who take time to show me they care about me. I miss Shawn and Kevin, my #2 and #4 sons. They don't communicate much. I do what I think is Right and they have to do what they think is Right for them. But I still love them and miss them an awful lot. Hope everyone's day is Blessed and that we can all accept what God's Will is for each of us.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pattern for the Turning Circle Prayer Shawl is being written out...

>>Still hanging out in my Floorcloth Era. This one is tulips. I didn't think I could ever paint so something looked like it was supposed to but I think I did okay. I am so excited! I finished one large felted bag and will post pictures later. I am still working with an "old-fashioned camera," as grandson Caleb tells me. I just finished playing with Bearli (little cat) and he is sitting here staring at me and "meow-ing" to let me know that he isn't through playing. Smart guy! He knows I melt when he is looking at me. smile.

>>Today I was up early. Yikes. I did more before 7:00am than most people do all day (sounds familiar--like an Army advertisement!). And then Harryfriend and I went to Staples to pick up some ink cartridges for our various printers. He has a Brother All-in-One and a Hewlett-Packard, I have an Epson and a HP All-in-One. It does indeed mount to some serious dollars. But I publish a lot of things for his company so it is worth it. Just recently I made a business card for his tax accounting business and a Postcard to announce change of fees. I also made myself a crafter's business card. It came out neat. Will post one when I figure out how.

>>It is raining and makin' the flowers bloom big-time. I had an interesting conversation with #3 son about "filling up one's cup." He says God takes care of it and I say God gives us the opportunity to exercise Free Will and see what we can do with the life He has given us. Interesting subject. I believe fully that God takes care of us by putting us where we need to be and then we take over from there. Our bodies are a special gift and we need to use some energy for ourself or we lose a lot. My own person thought. If anyone ever reads this "blog" and cares to comment, they are welcome and in fact encouraged to give their 2cents!

>>Time to get off the computer and do some work. I haven't done the dishes today and the Dish Police might come by. GRIN!!

>>Blessings on Us All.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Floorcloth Era; BB Russell Era cont'd

This is a floorcloth I designed and made during my Floorcloth Era. I made one for each of my sons & their families plus one for each of my ex-husband's sons & their families. They were so much fun, work, and beautiful! All of them were designed by me. I felt so proud of myself. The kids loved running and sliding on them.
I talked a bit about the time between my ages of 3 to 10-1/2. This was when I met by VERY BEST FRIEND, Pat. We have been friends now about 58 years with fairly decent contact. We had a swamp out back and used to ice skate all the time, even when the ice was soft. It was a rush to see if you could get onto the ice without breaking it and then to keep moving so you didn't sink. Haha. Often I went home soaking wet and freezing! Yikes. We also built tents on the side of Pat's building. They had so many holes in that side, I don't know why it didn't rain in. Our mother's would make snacks for us (usually cocoa, crackers w/pb on them) and we would hold our own school or vacation bible school. We made crafts, gave a talk about a Bible verse (I was a 'great speaker' then--of course!) (actually, I was pretty bossy...yikes), sang songs. Outside of that, we mostly played games--I hated "Red Rover, Red Rover" because I always ended up with burns on my arms from holding so tight. Dodge Ball was a happening, the big guys allowed us to play "Tag" with them because they could catch us of course and show off how tough they were. We played all kinds of "Tag"-- Statues, partner tag (can't remember what it was called), and that's about all I can remember. (Pat, if you remember any more, let me know.) We also played dolls and made clothes for them. While we lived in the Richmond St. Project, a playground was built with WOODEN AND METAL SWINGS. I can tell you that a lot of us kids "bit the dust" on those swings. The big boys amazed me because they would swing so high they would go right over the top bar. That was scary to me! My sister, Judy, got hit with a swing and walked around with black eyes for a year, it seems. We had many friends there: Carol Pierce, Carol Mitchell, Bonnie Byron, Sandy Kahler (she's my cousin, she moved when she was about 8 years old because her mom had died). That's another story I would love to tell--about her mom. What a great woman and mother she was!!
Anyway, that about does it for today. I must go help Harry with his computer. He is a friend here in the community where I live, 75-yr. old new friend.
Blessings on all who read this and others, of course. I am thankful for the opportunity to write my journal here on this blogspot. I am thankful to God and Jesus Christ. I am Blessed.
Early and Ebullient Emma

Saturday, June 06, 2009

This is a picture of my #1 son, Timothy, and his daughter (one of my FAVORITE girls!!), Tegan. They both have such great faces!! Timothy looks like his dad, Jackie Don Rollins. Jackie was my first husband and only true love. He was from NC and died from cancer a few years back. I miss that guy.
Today is a day (again!) for fibromyalgia, Lyme, PTSD, and depression. I know that life is good and okay and that I am where I am supposed to be and yet I feel so physically tired that I just can't seem to get my brain out of the depression. I just played with Bearli (my baby cat, 14 months old--rescued feral cat) and then held Regan (7 year old, Maine Coon, rescued feral cat) and that made me feel a bit better. They are so beautiful, shiny, loving.
Nuffathat, huh? I am working on crocheting felted hotmats and coasters to use up some odds and ends of yarn. Then I think I will make a felted steering wheel cover just to see how it comes out. I am going to make large holes in the cover and use leather thong to "sew" it onto the steering wheel. It will make a nice Christmas gift, I think. Yes, I am working on gifts for Christmas already. I have finished 2 grandkids sweaters and am working on a 3rd for #3 son's children. I feel so accomplished and hope they all love them. I do. :-0
As for friend Harry, he is doing tours today and tomorrow in Providence in historic houses. Honestly, I need a break from being with anyone so that works out for me.
I bought a wonderful gift for my grandson Devin (Tegan's brother). I got it from the website. It is made from recycled tires. I can't wait to see it. Plus I got a free wallet also made from tires and a Classic Garden Hat. What a good deal, plus I feed hungry people the world over. Makes me feel so good.
I pray, Dear Lord, that life goes good for everyone and that all can accept Your Will, including me. I am so thankful for my sons, my grandkids, my daughters-in-law (I lucked out!!). I am just so thankful for all that I have been given and all that has been withheld from me so I can grow more in the Spirit. I love Jesus Christ and am thankful for his sacrifice for us. I love You, Lord. I am blessed.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Felted Black Cat Bag

I designed this bag starting with a triangular bottom and knitting up the sides, adding the black cat from a chart. It was a challenge but I did it!!
Today is my birthday and I feel every single day of my 62 years on this earth at this time. I swore I wasn't going to have another relationship after my last mean and abusive husband and it has been almost 9 years. But along came this unassuming 75-yr old man. I told him I was not interested in a physical relationship and he said that is fine because he had heart problems. But now I discover that he has hopes that I will succumb to his charms one day. I have not a hope for him in that avenue. Yikes.

On another "plane," I am feeling the fibro and Lyme Disease and the PTSD very much today. I am sure it is stress related and need to relax. sigh. I usually have things in control but I have pushed myself too much today. I did so enjoy my #1 son calling me and singing "Happy Birthday" to me and also all the nice cards, and talking to my grandkids but I guess good stuff is stressful, too. I'm sure I'll look much younger tomorrow. Grin.

So, where was I in the bare facts of my life? I think I will call it a day now and write more tomorrow. I am having a heckuva time trying to set up this blog. I have the posting down pat, I think, but the rearranging to my satisfaction and the adding pictures is not so good for me. Tomorrow. Have a most wonderful evening. I thank the Lord for all my Blessings!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

In Rockland MA when I was born...

My name was Linda Lee Monk when I began life. My mother (Gwendolyn Mabelle Stimpson Monk, father (Harold Richard Monk--on his birth certificate it still says "Baby Boy Monk")and I lived with my paternal grandparents ('Nana' Dorothy Tower Monk and 'Grandpa' Ernest Lysander Monk) for about the first 3 years of my life. My sister, Judith Ann, came along 11 months after I was born. We experienced things like, being tied up out in the clothesyard (because things like that were done way back then) and we revelled in taking off our clothes (whether for attention or just sheer joy, I am not sure). The neighbors would call my mother and say, "Gwen, they did it again..." I'm sure this was the start of my dancing and entertaining career although I couldn't tell you why Judy did it. smile. We also didn't have a very happy time of things because my family was quite involved in alcoholism and psychotic behavior. Everyone in my family, except us children, was highly involved in lots of anger. My father had been in WWII for 6 years and had his arm shot off on the battlefield. He got the Purple Heart and Bronze Star plus other medals. He was a hero and I didn't know it then. My mother was a heroine because of what she had gone through in her life and I didn't know that then, either. It would take many years before I could have a clear shot at loving my mother and father. I have never blamed them for my life, thank God, and have always understood. I always knew that God was watching over me. When things got to be too much for my mother and father, they moved into a project in Brockton MA, named Richmond Street Project. It was so much fun living there. I met my best friend, Pat Nagarya, there and attended school at the B B Russell Elementary School. I remember the games we used to play in the schoolyard (tag, 'Red Rover Red Rover', jumprope, I was the fastest runner in our school!, Jacks, marbles, etc.) and I remember the shots for Polio. We all stood in a line and everyone was crying. It was mayhem. Wow. My teachers: 1st grade--Ms. Garrity; 2nd & 3rd grade--Miss DiDeo; 4th grade--Miss Kula (we used to say "Miss Kula does the Hula," funny children we); 5th grade--Mr. Pritchard. My first male teacher. His "reign" was traumatic for me. I left home one day without clothes (there were none in my home that I could find and my mother kept saying, "Get to school," and I was afraid of her. When I got to my classroom, Mr. Pritchard asked me to take off my coat and I told him I couldn't and he asked me why. I told him "because I don't have any clothes on." And he made me come up to the front of the room and show him. When he say that I only had my underwear on--back then we wore t-shirts, too), he sent me back home. So now I am stuck halfway between home and school trying to figure out what to do. Well, when you have no choice, you go home. And there in the middle of the living room was all the clothes that had been missing in the morning. I dressed and went back to school. It was an interesting event for me. I knew that I wasn't crazy because I had lived this "interesting" occurrence and I learned to trust my brain and no one else's. Thank You, God. I will continue this tomorrow or another time. I did want to put down on "paper" part of my life.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Living in New England; Finishing projects

The weather here in the Northeast corner of the U.S. has been spectacularly beautiful. We went to a local park this past weekend and the breeze off the ocean was so uplifting! Our weather is probably the easiest weather to take in general. It changes with the seasons and is never dull.
Today I finished the felted bag that I was commissioned to make and made the beaded weight for the flap. It came out pretty well and the lady loved it!! Plus I made a little boy's sweater with an attached hood, and a 1970's unisex sweater that used up a lot of my leftover yarn and buttons. It is definitely different--one of a kind. I have also started writing out the pattern for a Turning Circle Prayer Shawl that I designed. I will put the pattern up with the picture on I feel so accomplished today.
My youngest granddaughter, Natalie, has learned to say an important word--Princess. Her priorities are in the right place. ;-) Her big brother Caleb and big sister Emma both got bicycles for their birthdays ("...we had a bicycle, Nana, but those were too small...")
Time moves faster as I get older. I never have time to get bored! There is so much I want to do before I get onto the next part of life. Yikes.
I miss my sons Shawn & Kevin. I hope that they are both well and happy and taking care of themselves. Maybe someday they will give me the common courtesy they give to other ppl that they see on any given day, and send me a simple hi or something. Brendan is such a great husband and father! He does everything he tackles very well. Timothy is also a great father and has grown so much in his life. I love them all...all my sons.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome to meeee.

Good Morning, World. My favorite color is Green and I am ever aware of God. I wanted this blogspot so that I could journal and also add patterns that I design in crochet and knit to My favorite website. I have been crocheting and knitting since I was about 3 years old when my Nana (father's mother) taught me. She also taught me to paint, color, tat, and that she loved me. She fueled my creativity. This particular blog is a tribute to her.

I have started going with an older gentleman. I swore that I would never be interested in another relationship, however, he has agreed that we can be good friends without any physical requirements. He is 75, has a continuing and ever-present sense of humor, and has heart problems. We complement each other, I think. I will be 62 on June 5th and I don't look a day over 61! smile. I have so many thoughts going through my mind and want to write so much but will be patient with me and write just a bit today.

I am in the process of organizing my pattern files. I guess one of my favorite things is to look at patterns (old and new) and I collect them. Yikes. I have a lot and still counting. I have set up the base of my files and now I just need to physically move them and write out the labels. I look forward to having this done. I am thankful for this blogspot and the opportunity to use it. Hopefully I can share it with my family.