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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bearli & Regan, Genealogy

These two fin critters are Regan (the big Maine Coon cat) and Bearli (the little feral cat) about a year ago. I came across the picture and was amazed at the difference in their sizes. They get along so well. They fight and play with the best of them!! My two rescued babies.
I got a message from my cousin Nancy on Facebook and was very happy to hear from her. I have been trying to get my brain together to write down some of my history so that my sons and family can look at it later and have some type of records. I missed getting any of that from my mother and father's families. I did a great amount of genealogy and have copies of documents (marriage certificates, death certificates, etc.) and even cards and "wiregrams" from my father and Uncle Harold (father's side) when they were in WWII. They are so great to have. I have none of that stuff from my mother's side. It is sad. But I will share what I have with anyone who wants to pay the copy fees. Yikes!! They are immense records. My cousin, Linda Beek, (my mother's cousin's daughter) had many records MANY!! but she died about 2 years ago and her husband would not share those with me even though I asked. Rats. Oh, well, I will get what I can and let the rest go.
Harry and I are going to Walmart today to get stuff for the kitties and some DDR for my computer. I want RAM, lots of memory so that my computer will not bog down. Yayyyy memory. Smile.
Blessings on everyone and have a Great Sunday!! Love you, Nancy.

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