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Saturday, June 06, 2009

This is a picture of my #1 son, Timothy, and his daughter (one of my FAVORITE girls!!), Tegan. They both have such great faces!! Timothy looks like his dad, Jackie Don Rollins. Jackie was my first husband and only true love. He was from NC and died from cancer a few years back. I miss that guy.
Today is a day (again!) for fibromyalgia, Lyme, PTSD, and depression. I know that life is good and okay and that I am where I am supposed to be and yet I feel so physically tired that I just can't seem to get my brain out of the depression. I just played with Bearli (my baby cat, 14 months old--rescued feral cat) and then held Regan (7 year old, Maine Coon, rescued feral cat) and that made me feel a bit better. They are so beautiful, shiny, loving.
Nuffathat, huh? I am working on crocheting felted hotmats and coasters to use up some odds and ends of yarn. Then I think I will make a felted steering wheel cover just to see how it comes out. I am going to make large holes in the cover and use leather thong to "sew" it onto the steering wheel. It will make a nice Christmas gift, I think. Yes, I am working on gifts for Christmas already. I have finished 2 grandkids sweaters and am working on a 3rd for #3 son's children. I feel so accomplished and hope they all love them. I do. :-0
As for friend Harry, he is doing tours today and tomorrow in Providence in historic houses. Honestly, I need a break from being with anyone so that works out for me.
I bought a wonderful gift for my grandson Devin (Tegan's brother). I got it from the website. It is made from recycled tires. I can't wait to see it. Plus I got a free wallet also made from tires and a Classic Garden Hat. What a good deal, plus I feed hungry people the world over. Makes me feel so good.
I pray, Dear Lord, that life goes good for everyone and that all can accept Your Will, including me. I am so thankful for my sons, my grandkids, my daughters-in-law (I lucked out!!). I am just so thankful for all that I have been given and all that has been withheld from me so I can grow more in the Spirit. I love Jesus Christ and am thankful for his sacrifice for us. I love You, Lord. I am blessed.

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