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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pattern for the Turning Circle Prayer Shawl is being written out...

>>Still hanging out in my Floorcloth Era. This one is tulips. I didn't think I could ever paint so something looked like it was supposed to but I think I did okay. I am so excited! I finished one large felted bag and will post pictures later. I am still working with an "old-fashioned camera," as grandson Caleb tells me. I just finished playing with Bearli (little cat) and he is sitting here staring at me and "meow-ing" to let me know that he isn't through playing. Smart guy! He knows I melt when he is looking at me. smile.

>>Today I was up early. Yikes. I did more before 7:00am than most people do all day (sounds familiar--like an Army advertisement!). And then Harryfriend and I went to Staples to pick up some ink cartridges for our various printers. He has a Brother All-in-One and a Hewlett-Packard, I have an Epson and a HP All-in-One. It does indeed mount to some serious dollars. But I publish a lot of things for his company so it is worth it. Just recently I made a business card for his tax accounting business and a Postcard to announce change of fees. I also made myself a crafter's business card. It came out neat. Will post one when I figure out how.

>>It is raining and makin' the flowers bloom big-time. I had an interesting conversation with #3 son about "filling up one's cup." He says God takes care of it and I say God gives us the opportunity to exercise Free Will and see what we can do with the life He has given us. Interesting subject. I believe fully that God takes care of us by putting us where we need to be and then we take over from there. Our bodies are a special gift and we need to use some energy for ourself or we lose a lot. My own person thought. If anyone ever reads this "blog" and cares to comment, they are welcome and in fact encouraged to give their 2cents!

>>Time to get off the computer and do some work. I haven't done the dishes today and the Dish Police might come by. GRIN!!

>>Blessings on Us All.

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