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Monday, June 08, 2009

Floorcloth Era; BB Russell Era cont'd

This is a floorcloth I designed and made during my Floorcloth Era. I made one for each of my sons & their families plus one for each of my ex-husband's sons & their families. They were so much fun, work, and beautiful! All of them were designed by me. I felt so proud of myself. The kids loved running and sliding on them.
I talked a bit about the time between my ages of 3 to 10-1/2. This was when I met by VERY BEST FRIEND, Pat. We have been friends now about 58 years with fairly decent contact. We had a swamp out back and used to ice skate all the time, even when the ice was soft. It was a rush to see if you could get onto the ice without breaking it and then to keep moving so you didn't sink. Haha. Often I went home soaking wet and freezing! Yikes. We also built tents on the side of Pat's building. They had so many holes in that side, I don't know why it didn't rain in. Our mother's would make snacks for us (usually cocoa, crackers w/pb on them) and we would hold our own school or vacation bible school. We made crafts, gave a talk about a Bible verse (I was a 'great speaker' then--of course!) (actually, I was pretty bossy...yikes), sang songs. Outside of that, we mostly played games--I hated "Red Rover, Red Rover" because I always ended up with burns on my arms from holding so tight. Dodge Ball was a happening, the big guys allowed us to play "Tag" with them because they could catch us of course and show off how tough they were. We played all kinds of "Tag"-- Statues, partner tag (can't remember what it was called), and that's about all I can remember. (Pat, if you remember any more, let me know.) We also played dolls and made clothes for them. While we lived in the Richmond St. Project, a playground was built with WOODEN AND METAL SWINGS. I can tell you that a lot of us kids "bit the dust" on those swings. The big boys amazed me because they would swing so high they would go right over the top bar. That was scary to me! My sister, Judy, got hit with a swing and walked around with black eyes for a year, it seems. We had many friends there: Carol Pierce, Carol Mitchell, Bonnie Byron, Sandy Kahler (she's my cousin, she moved when she was about 8 years old because her mom had died). That's another story I would love to tell--about her mom. What a great woman and mother she was!!
Anyway, that about does it for today. I must go help Harry with his computer. He is a friend here in the community where I live, 75-yr. old new friend.
Blessings on all who read this and others, of course. I am thankful for the opportunity to write my journal here on this blogspot. I am thankful to God and Jesus Christ. I am Blessed.
Early and Ebullient Emma

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