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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harry Companion and Pattern Frustration

...and not necessary in that order or connected! Here's a picture of
me and friend Harry. Not a bad looking couple for our combined
ages of 137 years.
I have finished my pattern, written it up, got the pictures done,
and cannot figure out how to get a picture into my Ravelry pattern that I posted. Yikes, Stripes! But I will keep working on it until I get it right. I am proud of my simple prayer shawl/ lapghan Turning Circle pattern.
On another note, Bearli has been eating the felt yarn and things that are made from felt. He doesn't touch the regular yarn. I wonder why that is...I will have to ask my friend Melinda who knows a whole lotta stuff about cats and dogs. Bearli is such a loveable "pup" (although he is a kitten) and even gets into the trash. He is curious, busy, very mobile, loves to chase things, jumps like a kangaroo and, for some reason, walks all over me while I am sleeping. Maybe he loves me? Or maybe he is just smelling "sleep."
Regan, on the other hand, (7 years old) is more sedate and just loves to be brushed, scratched, and flirts a lot. He is a Maine Coon and has become more outgoing as he gets older.
Life is a bit hectic. Harry and I just made out our Wills and I am selling my car so that I will have more everyday money and won't have to pay insurance, AAA, etc. Harry has put me on his insurance, etc. Life is going along just as Heavenly Father and Mother wants it to for me. NOT shades of Mormonism or any other religion, but rather my thoughts as gathered from the Bible. (God created us in His image, men and The only thing that bothers me from my reading is that when we die, we all go " if we are asleep" and I have been praying to my father, mother, Nana, friends for years and I am wondering if those prayers "go anywhere." Anyone have the answer to that??
Blessings to All.

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