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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bren N Bek, Meandering on Friday

This fine looking fellow and gal are #3 son, Brendan, and his wife, Bek. They have 3 children who are darn near perfect! Matter of fact, Bek N Bren are darn near perfect. Makes me nervous when people are this perfect. Big Grin.. This picture was taken in 2003. I haven't come to the newer pictures in my CDs yet. And I am slow.
Today being Friday, opens up a lot of avenues for me. I could do just about anything today! I am in dire need of buttons for granddaughter, Emma's, Christmas sweater and I have run out of places to look so I will now look online. There used to be a great accessory place in Attleboro but that seems to have gone by the wayside. I looked at the PRICES online of buttons I would love to put on E's sweater but they start at like $5.00 each and I need SIX!! Yikes. Isn't there a thrift store anywhere around that hoards buttons just for me??
Bearli is lying here next to the computer on his special bed and falling asleep as I type. He is just such a beautiful baby!
Today it is overcast, rainy, and humid. Not a good representation of a New England anyone would want to live in. But I like it. NOT the humidity, but the "middle-groundedness" (is there such a word?) of it.
'Moff to find buttons.

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