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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Living in New England; Finishing projects

The weather here in the Northeast corner of the U.S. has been spectacularly beautiful. We went to a local park this past weekend and the breeze off the ocean was so uplifting! Our weather is probably the easiest weather to take in general. It changes with the seasons and is never dull.
Today I finished the felted bag that I was commissioned to make and made the beaded weight for the flap. It came out pretty well and the lady loved it!! Plus I made a little boy's sweater with an attached hood, and a 1970's unisex sweater that used up a lot of my leftover yarn and buttons. It is definitely different--one of a kind. I have also started writing out the pattern for a Turning Circle Prayer Shawl that I designed. I will put the pattern up with the picture on I feel so accomplished today.
My youngest granddaughter, Natalie, has learned to say an important word--Princess. Her priorities are in the right place. ;-) Her big brother Caleb and big sister Emma both got bicycles for their birthdays ("...we had a bicycle, Nana, but those were too small...")
Time moves faster as I get older. I never have time to get bored! There is so much I want to do before I get onto the next part of life. Yikes.
I miss my sons Shawn & Kevin. I hope that they are both well and happy and taking care of themselves. Maybe someday they will give me the common courtesy they give to other ppl that they see on any given day, and send me a simple hi or something. Brendan is such a great husband and father! He does everything he tackles very well. Timothy is also a great father and has grown so much in his life. I love them all...all my sons.

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