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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Thursday Morning

It has already been a productive day. (I finish more things in the morning than other ppl do all day? --courtesy of an Army Ad) The picture added (which I hope I can add later) is one I found on Harry's computer. Trees are SO full of life and remind me that they are reaching up to the sky and God!
I used to lived in a home where I could lay all the "ingredients" for my crafts and they would stay there. I do miss that. I didn't have two naughty cat babies, either. Bearli has already gotten his workout wrestling paper pieces from me and chasing a plastic ring. It's funny because at certain periods, both of my cats "fetch," but other times--nada. Is that Cat Brain Freeze or what?
I have a friend named Melinda. I met her online quite a few years ago. I have never met her--I have seen a picture of her--but I think of her as a real friend. We exchange interesting stuff in the mail--old greeting cards, postcards, paper. I am a paper freak so it is wonderful. She lives in AZ and tells me about life there. She "collects" abused cats and dogs and gives them a better home. Melinda sends uplifting emails. I admire her for her dedication to the animals. She is very very knowledgeable about the cats and dogs. And I am not hesitant at all to ask her questions about cats so I can better understand mine. She has many that are ill and watches over them and makes their lives happier until their lives are no more. It makes me sad to know that she gets very attached to the "kids" and they leave her. Anyway, I did want to mention Melinda in my blog because she deserves the space and time...and tribute.
Harry Friend is looking over my car insurance policy to see if I can possibly cut back on the rates. Being broke is not much fun in this money-oriented world but I would like to hold onto my car for a long time. It is 11 years old now and looks and acts darn good. Life goes on and God gives you what you need, whether you know you need it or not, so I pray that I am able to accept God's Will in everything. Blessed Be.

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