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Monday, June 29, 2009

Victorian Jacket, Sold Car

This is a picture of my favorite pattern. It is a Victorian Combing Jacket and I have made 2 of them with mixed results. It is an old pattern and I love it and will keep making one until I get it right. Meanwhile, my Juliedil will wear it to keep herself warm.
I got a great email from my cousin, Sunshine (real name Delores but that is a great nickname, hey?) and she has a website gallery of the purses and bags that she sews. Delores is the third child of my Aunt Dotty. The other two children are Dorothy (called Dolly to keep all the Dorothys straight!) (Nana was Dorothy Tower Monk, Aunt Dotty was Dorothy Monk Cruz), and Ernest Cruz. My favorite cousins were Dolly, Sunshine, and Betty Golek, who is the daughter of my Nana's twin sister, Velma. Got all that.
Plus I got in touch with my cousin Nancy from my mother's side of the family. Nancy's mother's name is Carolyn Stimpson Day and her father's name is Robert Day, who is a twin to Harry Day. Nancy and me and my sisters and brother all lived at the same address in N. Easton MA and had good times playing in the "swamp" out back and our yard had an interesting "hole" that I guess was the base for a garage that never got built. We made a fort there and it was fun. When I think back on the games we played: tag, hide-and-seek, paper dolls. It was such a great and innocent time. Yikes.
Harry and I have been companions now for 11 weeks. Things are moving along and we are straightening out his finances. He is "all over the place" with banks, paper, and "stuff." And it is slowly getting done. It is tiring but when we are finished, he will be set.
My car has been sold and today the ppl are picking it up. Whoa. It was sold fast and neatly. i am sure that Heavenly Parents had their hands in that one. Now I will share Harry's car and that is fine because neither of us goes anywhere far or for long.
And life goes on. I am old enough that I ought to have learned to "quick relax" by now but am still working on it. I am so glad that I have a follower. I am growing and blessed. Have a great day, everyone. Persevere!!

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