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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This fine looking fellow is my grandson, Devin. He is now 13 years old. This is last year's bday picture & he has changed a lot in one year! Whoa. Talk about feeling like time is flying.
I am waffling today between running out to look around Saver's or starting to straighten out my personal and pattern files. Big Sigh. I really want my pattern files done so my living room will finally be "normal." But it is so gorgeous out and the walk to Saver's would do me good. PLUS the Chinese Restaurant is there. Decisions, decisions.
I am almost totally finally completely finished with my granddaughter's, Emma, Christmas sweater. It is coming out so gorgeous! It was the most complicated pattern I have done in many years. It consists of working the pattern stitches and watching the color changes. yikes. But I did it! All I have to do is set in the sleeves and do the edgings/collar. I still haven't found buttons to go with it and will have to look online.
This journaling stuff is good for my soul. This morning I rec'd an email with a "Rare Picture" Power Point Presentation. The pictures were wonderful and some made me cry, others made me pause and Thank God for this world. I know there is a lot of bad and horrors happening on this Earth but I also know there is a lot of good and beauty and helping going on, too. We need to see the balance. I am SO thankful for emails and reminders that tell me this world is also good.
I miss my friend, Pat. That rascal has resided in FL for many years. (I can't imagine living with all those insects and all that HEAT!! I am a middle-of-the-road person. Don't like ice, don't like heat. And I think New England has THE BEST weather of all.) Pat made me an Eeyore blankie for my birthday. What more could you ask for then an attitude like Eeyore when you are feeling hyper. tehee. Eeyore is residing in my living room on my "new" chair (new to me) and he looks very bold and happy. Bearli loves to sleep at his feet (hoofs?) (hooves?), where he is sleeping right now. kewt.
Harry is having a "suggested" day off from me. I will go to the doc's this afternoon to see if I can get some stronger meds for the Perleche. It has been 9 weeks now that I have had it and the med I had doesn't seem to be strong enough. It is a boring disease to have because I can't kiss my grandkids or my sons and dils (daughter-in-laws). This, too, shall pass.
I have so much to be thankful for. My illnesses slow me down and give me time to look at the world and lots of time to think! And much time to do craft projects. So it works for me. I am rich in love and friends and ppl who take time to show me they care about me. I miss Shawn and Kevin, my #2 and #4 sons. They don't communicate much. I do what I think is Right and they have to do what they think is Right for them. But I still love them and miss them an awful lot. Hope everyone's day is Blessed and that we can all accept what God's Will is for each of us.

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