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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missed a few days in my frantic efforts to catch up...

Hm. It has been a few days of list-making and following the lists. I am proud to say that I did get to cross of some things. I finished Emma's sweater, Like Totally! It looks great and will post a picture when I get the CD back. I also finished putting together blocks from the Sr Ctr crafts class and now I am putting on the edging in crochet. These afghans go to Crossroads for the homeless. I think it is a great idea and plan to do more. I made a baby hat and love to make those because they go quickly. Now I will start doing and writing the pattern for a Plarn Rain Hat for Men. It is made from plastic-bag yarn and it will be waterproof and hopefully in the shape of a fedora...I have to work on that. I have saved green plastic bags from Savers and they should look wonderful...more to come on that.
I am concerned about #4 son, Kevin. I got a phone call from him telling me he was thinking of separating and divorcing Jenn so she can have a better life. His diabetes, agoraphobia, and other physical and soul problems are making him feel like he is not good enough for her now. I feel so bad because I always thought that Jenn and Kevin were definitely Soul Mates and would be together forever. They certainly have supported each other over the times of their marriage. I have not heard back from Kevin and am concerned he will move and I will not have contact with him. I did buy them both cell phones a few years ago but don't have those numbers. I don't understand any of why Kevin won't stay in contact with me and it hurts my heart because I would like to be there for him/them.
Son #2 is the same at not keeping contact. I want to know him as an adult but he will not allow it. I know that I can't force him and that worrying about it is useless so I just keep on keepin' on and hope that someday Shawn will move back up this way to get to know his nephews, nieces, and brothers again...and me, too, of course.
I wanted to download PatFriend's picture today but realize I am not on my home computer. Tehee. Can do it later. I am waiting for Followers but not tied to that. I just like having this blogspot to write down thoughts and an autobiography of sorts.
Thank you, God, for everything. Everything that I need I have and You have done a marvelous job of fulfilling little wants, also. I am Blessed everyday in every way.

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