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Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome to meeee.

Good Morning, World. My favorite color is Green and I am ever aware of God. I wanted this blogspot so that I could journal and also add patterns that I design in crochet and knit to My favorite website. I have been crocheting and knitting since I was about 3 years old when my Nana (father's mother) taught me. She also taught me to paint, color, tat, and that she loved me. She fueled my creativity. This particular blog is a tribute to her.

I have started going with an older gentleman. I swore that I would never be interested in another relationship, however, he has agreed that we can be good friends without any physical requirements. He is 75, has a continuing and ever-present sense of humor, and has heart problems. We complement each other, I think. I will be 62 on June 5th and I don't look a day over 61! smile. I have so many thoughts going through my mind and want to write so much but will be patient with me and write just a bit today.

I am in the process of organizing my pattern files. I guess one of my favorite things is to look at patterns (old and new) and I collect them. Yikes. I have a lot and still counting. I have set up the base of my files and now I just need to physically move them and write out the labels. I look forward to having this done. I am thankful for this blogspot and the opportunity to use it. Hopefully I can share it with my family.

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