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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here I am, frustrated again!! you suppose it is time to do some meditation and save my body from high blood pressure??
This cutie is Bearli. He is 14 months old and my baby. He is a rescued cat and loves Harry. I am SO thankful for him.
Today I have already taken a neighbor to the library, worked on some projects, played with Regan and Bearli, fixed some stuff on Harry's computer, started a card to send to my #3 son's kids for July 4th, not to mention the normal stuff like shower, clean the kitchen, and straighten up the bedroom. I am THANKFUL that I only have 3 rooms. Smile.

I received pictures of Caleb, Emma, and Natalie yesterday. They are SO beautiful and energetic. Natalie looks a whole lot like Caleb. Will post pics later to show you what they are up to. Caleb was motorcycle riding in the pics, Emma is moving right along in her Karate class. She broke boards with her hands!! I am so impressed. Natalie loves to take part in the home schooling by crawling all over the materials and checking them out. I long to drive there to see them and check out their school room and see what they have been doing. And maybe take a dip in the pool! Hm.

I have a follower! Yay. I have checked out her blogspot and she does wonderful work!! Her name is Cheyenne Henderson. She has the best patterns! Cheyenne, you really should publish a book with those patterns. Yikes, Stripes!! Thank you for joining my blogspot. Now I am not "alone." Big Grin.

Today we (Harry and I) go to lunch and then to Crafts Class where I will attempt to teach a 2-needle side-seamed sock pattern. And I am finishing putting together my 2nd afghan for the homeless. Easy-peasy and I feel accomplished. Blessings on everyone.

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