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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is Monsieur Bearli, checking out the stitches on the playmat I just finished. Busy guy, 'eh?
We had a sing-along yesterday afternoon here in the community room. What fun. We all sound so good together. Maybe we ought to take this show on the road? Grin.
I couldn't sleep so here I am early in the a.m. after feeding the cats, making the bed, and not much else, already online.
DIL, Julie, is trying to quit smoking! I am wishing and hoping and planning and praying.... that she can do it! Then maybe my son, Tim, will feel like joining her. I don't want any of my sons or anyone actually, to have cancer. I'm glad I never smoked. It is a smelly, nasty, EXPENSIVE and health-draining habit. Yikes!!
Looks like I am in "dribs and drabs" today with my writing. This a.m. I wrote each of my sons a note. I keep an envelope (that I made, of course, smile) for each of my four sons and from time to time write them notes. I want them someday to hear what I have to say and how I am feeling. And also ask for forgiveness for the mistakes I made, write what is in my heart, the love I have for each of them. They were such a treat to raise...made me look at the world thru different eyes, I'll tell you! And some of them have senses of humor which made life fun. They were active, lovely children. (I hear them now, Boys aren't lovely...) And I want them to know how much I appreciated having them in my home, my life, my heart. I was not a perfect mother but we did have times when we went out to the park, hiking, beach, movies, wherever we could go to get in a "little trouble" and be active. I hope someday that Shawn remembers those times. sigh. Nuffathis. I am going to check email, get dressed. Today is the day I go to the Sr Ctr for lunch and craft class. I make stuff for charity and hobnob with the craft wizards.

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