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Thursday, August 06, 2009

crocheted dress, peaceful, friends, media

Here it is! The birthday dress I crocheted for my youngest grandchild. She loves it. I followed a pattern from one of Annie's Attic Crochet books. Don't have it with me right now. The one on the cover of the book was pink and white. It came out well!
I have no more Harry in my life, thank goodness. I tried my best to hang in until I could talk to his doctor but I just couldn't make it. I was kind, although I did say what was true and factual. He didn't listen. He doesn't know. He is too involved in his issues. I wish him the best and I hope that God follows him into the next phase of his life.
I visited with my 3 youngest grandchildren this past weekend. What JOY!!!! They make me feel so wanted and loved. And I want and love them so much. I wish we lived closer. My grandson said the same thing. They are very loving chilren and their parents are SUCH great parents. As we all know, though, parenting isn't all there is to grow a child, cause if that was the case, these kids would be huge successes and ideally peaceful in their lives. They are all God loving, also. And Jesus, too, of course. Smile.
I actually walked yesterday to CVS for meds. It isn't far but when you have fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease, etc., it feels like a trek. But I DID IT!!! And feel okay today. I push myself because the alternative is lousy...lying in bed or on the couch and being bored and depressed. I am never bored but sometimes depressed. As I get older, I get better and more peaceful. YAY for peaceful!!
I have a best friend named Pat. We have been friends since we were about 3 yrs old. We are in our early 60's now. It is wonderful to have that shared past, kids games to remember, friends and family. Her mother, Alice, is still alive and doing well. She has senior dementia but seems physically healthy. She is 94 or thereabouts and I love to visit her. She laughs at my jokes! tehee. Alice with lives with her daughter, Jean. All of the family is so nice. I feel like I have a second home. I love making things for them and seeing them. It builds my self-esteem, makes me know that the world is better in places. When I watch/read/hear about some of the things that happen in this world, I am sad. I know that many of these things have been happening all along, but the media brings out the worse in any subject, event. The reporters get paid to get sensationalism and to fill the pages with garbage. I wish just once that a newspaper would pay a reporter to find uplifting stories and events and fill a column every day. Just once. Wouldn't that be great??
Bearli and Regan are well. They play together very well...and fight. But I have not heard growling or hissing at all. Thank God. They need each other for when I cannot be here. I am so thrilled to be a Cat Person. I grew up very afraid of cats (don't know why, but my sisters and brother are the same still!!) and that went away about 7 years ago when I took in Regan. He was so beautiful and so cute and so busy!! How could I resist him? And over time I got to know cats and feel comfortable now. And I love them, every one of them! All of my friends' cats. I would love to have a home big enough to take more in...oh, yeah, and money to feed them and take care of them. smile.
I am thankful for this blogspot on which I get to vent and write my thoughts. I am thankful for the people who set up such things. Blessings on everyone's day. Thank you, Heavenly Parents!

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