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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Good Morning. It's August already!!

The hat on the right is a crocheted, felted "affair" that I worked up out of leftover pink and red yarn. It came out quite well. Again, another standard hdc increase each row pattern with earflaps added on using a 3-dc shell as a base.

Time goes faster and faster as I get older and older. I can remember being bored in school and watching the clock and now I don't even get a chance to look at the clock!! I remember playing the Wonder Ball game (..the wonder ball, goes round and round. to pass it quickly, you are bound. if you're the one to hold it last, the game is passed and you are OUT!) And Chinese jumprope, regular jump rope (can't for the life of me remember any jump rope songs...) and hand clapping games (..I am a pretty little Dutch girl, as pretty as can be, and all the boys around the town are crazy over me. my boyfriend's name is Jello, he comes from Monticello, with a dimple on his nose and 3 black toes, and that's the way my story goes. etc.) Time flies when you are having fun and you don't even know it!!
I haven't written in awhile because life has gotten the best of me. I have, however, figured out how to "work with" Harry's problems, so that is a big plus. I fully believe that he has had Schizophrenia all of his life but no one has ever gotten close enough to him to notice...not to mention that he pulls back when you start getting close to him. He had a really rotten background/upbringing and I understand. It just took me awhile to work with it. NOT because I am good or perfect or whatever, but I will go with him to the doctor's and see if I can't get the doctor to do some tests. But at least Harry seems happier being apart from everyone and back to carrying his briefcase.
I have been crocheting up a storm plus I knitted a felted purse (pictures to follow). I feel so accomplished.
Today I am going to see my youngest grandkids. I can hardly wait to see their bee-you-tee-ful faces!! I love these guys. They are adorable, funny, smart, interested in life, great faces, growing up with good parents, wonderful!! But I don't get to see them enough due to not being able to sit in a car that long or able to drive that far. But I will see them again on the youngest one's birthday.
Meanwhile, Timothy and Julie moved about 5 minutes away. It will be great to visit them today, even though there home will be overcome with moving boxes. We will bring them a pizza for housewarming gift, plus other little stuff.
I love my Heavenly Parents and am thankful for my home, my friendcats, my ability to grow, and my blessings.
Regan just jumped on top of the refrigerator. Guess he is exploring. It is usually Bearli who is up there. Hey, Regan, glad to see you awake and exercising!!!

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  1. I love your blog! so much in it. I love the picture of you at the top. That is how I wish you would feel all the time. Happy, happy and and not a care in the world. You deserve to be that way, you are a great person and a wonderful friend. The picture of Tim and family is so nice. Your grandchildren are so good looking and growing ups so fast. Hope you have or had a great visit with your grandchildren. I hope all your grandchildren realize real soon how lucky they are to have a caring grandmother like you. You take care. I have your blog in my favorites so I can read it all the time. love you