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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Checking in

I have been ill and not able to design anything so have not been on here in a very long time.  I am not an important site so I think it is okay.  I thank you who have signed up as my followers.  I have been dealing with a minor stroke and new insurance.  I'm getting old.  If you don't know what that feels like (yet), it isn't for the weak.  Yikes!!  I look in the mirror and I see my grandmother.  I skipped my mother entirely!  Where has the time gone.  I know many many people write that but I am now just getting the heartfelt-ness of it. 
I think my job now is to relax, meditate, stay in touch with My Mother and Father God and look at people...really look at them.  I am enjoying it and find that life is so serene.  wow.
I have been crocheting though.  I have an old crochet book named, MCCALL'S CROCHET TREASURY from 1968 which has a really nice Shell-Edged Blouse on page 57.  I am on my third one and have adapted it and updated it a bit.  I have made them in darker colors and they look classy, without the collar.  I love the old books.
I have set up my patterns on and here.  I hope that you all have checked out ravelry.  It is a marvelous resource.  I love Lionbrand the best though, especially because all the patterns are free.
I hope you are all crocheting, learning about life, and have blessings many.

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  1. Thank you Emma for that. It really struck a chord on how I feel...

    Crocheters Unite!
    Carol Lafollette-Walker