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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Oh Wow....Getting Old isn't Easy!! But I'm not aloooonnne!!!

Yikes.  Aches, ,pains, hard of hearing, unable to carry things for long distances, etc etc.  Is this a complaint?  Probably. I wanted to share my latest things I have crocheted for Christmas gifts.   The above is three cardigans I made for  my dil and granddaughters.  I am hoping they will have their photos taken in them.  I think they will be so great!  Very simple.  The basic pattern is from an old 1973 McCall's Crochet Treasury book and I changed it a bit to update it.  The yarn is #3 weight yarn and it was hard for me to hold on to it, however, I persevered.  Ta-da.
It is raining today...the kind of rain that we used to love to play in when we were kids...wet, lots of it, big puddles.  So much fun.  I loved walking through it today.  Thank you Mother God and Father God for the rain.  I love it as I love You!
Here is another work of crochet:   It is from the 100 Hats book and it is a guy's cap. I kind of like it.  I made them for my sons and grandsons.  They are warm.  I also made the felted handbag below.  My friend lined it and I gave it to her.  It was fun to make and used up a wool yarn the color of which I didn't know what to do with....terrible grammar, but you get the idea, I think.
 I have been doing a lot of farmville on FB.   It is kind of neat to socialize with people while I am working on the "ole' farm."  I am in touch with my friend Patricia, friend of 60 years!  And it is a relaxing way of spending a little time socializing.  I also crochet while I am on farmville.  Sometimes it is slow that I crochet a whole scarf.  Hm.  Internet, gotta love it.  I don't have much else to write except I pray every day for my son Shawn, Brendan and his family, Kevin and Jenn, and Timothy and Julie.  I love them.  I hope they know it.  Mistakes be darned.  I have always loved them!!  He who is without sin may cast the first stone..... and that stuff.  Blessed Be!!

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