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Thursday, June 28, 2012

You know, I have been creating but not writing out the patterns as I guess in my old age I am getting Rawthah Lazee!    My 65th birthday just passed and I don't look a DAY over 64...
This photo is a lace valance that I made for myself (surprisingly enough!) out of thread that my friend had sent me.  I don't usually work with thread, however, this pattern worked up fast!!
I have made more of my easy shawl pattern.  They work up SO quick!!!  And are mindless, essentially.  They make nice prayer shawls.  I have made many hats for the homeless and for Africa for this coming year. I also have been working on felted hats.  The pattern I use is "in my head" and is essentially:  hdc 10 into a ring, join.  2 hdc in each hdc, join.....and I add 10 new sts per row up until I have 140 sts.  Then I work hdc down until I have 28 rows.  Then I change colors for a 4 row stripe.  Back to original color and finish off with 4 more rows.  It is HUGE!!!!  And then I felt it and it becomes a medium man's or a large women's warm hat!!!  I am making them for my son, Shawn's, family.
The photo is my son Timothy Brian Patrick Rollins Arbuckle with his biological dad, Jackie Don Rollins.
We scattered my son, Timothy's, ashes this past week.  Because Tim was in the Coast Guard, they kindly took us out off of Fischer's Island (NY?) and 8 family members had a service of our own and we scattered him where he wanted.  My dil, Julie, has done all that Timothy wanted to have done.  She has done an incredible job of managing.  His children, Devin and Tegan, were there.  They did so very well.  I am proud of them and of all my family.  
2nd son Shawn has found a new job and relocated to Michigan with his family.  I think with the economy the way it is, for him to find a job that pays almost twice what he was making in FL, it is a miracle.  I don't know how all of them will like Michigan winters but....thank goodness it's not my job.  Grin.
Brendan and his family are doing so well.  He works very hard and travels 2 hours each way to work.  They are selling their home and will be moving closer though.  That is a big plus.  I will pray that they find a buyer quickly and then find a home with a mil apartment so I can see my grandkids more often!   Yay.
Kevin is not quite feeling up to par and he is home a lot.  He is disabled.  His wife works as a manager at a pet store.  She is such a good and hard worker!  When she and Kevin were managing a store together, they were The Best Team I have ever seen!!
If you have read this far then you will know that I wish Blessings on you and your family and my prayers are with you in whatever is happening in your life.
This, too, shall pass.

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