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Friday, December 07, 2012

 A run of hats.  I just decided to go wild with hat patterns. The ecru/beige hat shown here comes from the newest Crochet Today magazine.  It has 2 parts.  The bandanna is removable so it is actually 3 toppers in 1.  Nifty.  The green hat is a creation of my own.  I started off the brim from a patern and then got bored so designed as I went.  If anyone is interested in the green hat pattern, just write and ask me and I will write it up.  It would make a neat ponytail hat, I think.  My poor dummy's head is actually too small for an adult hat but she does well, don't you think?  Big Grin.
The gray and blue shawl is made from a #2 silk yarn that was sent to me by a friend.  It went to a woman who was going into the hospital to have surgery and she was thrilled to get it.  I don't know this person, as it is a prayer shawl and I don't know who gets them but I was glad to giver her a lift of her spirits.

The darker variegated hat is also a beret.  I love making those as they are versatile and can be dressed up or down.  The light variegated was worked up and down instead of around.  It was made from a chain of 34.   sc 3, hdc 3, DC 20, treble crochet in 5.  Turn, chain 4, sk 1st st, Treble in each of next 4 sts, DC 20, hdc 3, sc 3.  Turn, ch 1, sc 3, hdc 3, DC 20, treble crochet in each of next 5 sts.  I just worked until it fit around my little dummy's head and then sewed up the seam.  It is a very easy hat to make.

The very last hat photo was made from a pattern that I can't recall offhand but I mentioned it in the last post.  It came out gorgeous, I think.  The original hat was done in a single color but I was using leftover yarn which always makes things creative.  I so appreciate that I have the ability to crochet and to make things for people.  I am thankful to my Higher Power that she is there for me and has given me so many abilities!!  I will be teaching a basic Sign Language class starting in January.  I miss teaching sign language.  Thank you to you all for following my simple and "spastic" blog.   Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and no matter what the advertisements and other people say, Jesus IS the reason for the season and it is good to remember him both historically and spiritually.  Blessings.

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