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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recycling Felted Sweaters and Blessings on this Thanksgiving!

I guess no one is wondering where I've been but that has its good points, too.  Smile.  I have been sick sick sick and I'm tired of it.  Having said that, life goes on.  I found a really neat printed felted sweater at a thrift store and decided to make wristers and whatever else I could salvage from it.    First, I shrunk it...then I cut off the sleeves about 4" down from the shoulders and made these wristers from some fuzzy yarn I had hanging around.  I lined them up so that the ribbing for the sleeves was at the fingertips and the seam was on the inside of the wrist.  Then I cut out an oval for the thumb and using a steel crochet hook, I sc around the edges and added a little bit of lacy chains.  They came out so warm and snuggy.   They were scooped up right away at our craft fair.  I have the top, which I cut into a bolero shape and added white baby yarn in a lacy pattern with a little shell at the back bottom as per the picture below.   It's done and I like the finished bolero.  The parts that are left will become coasters, headband, cat toys.  And I am proud of recycling things.
I have some of my sons and grandkids coming to Thanksgiving.   We will hold it in the community room downstairs so that my two sons who are allergic to cats don't have to breathe my 2nd family (Bearli "Longboy" and Regan "fluffboy" cats).  I am going to try a new technique for cooking a turkey.  I got the idea from America's Test Kitchen which is one of my fav shows on tv.  I will also do the desserts... pumpkin surprise cheesecake (the surprise is that it is lowfat!! and yum) and blueberries in phyllo cups with little things to add.  I think my grandkids will love making those on their own. 
I have so many blessings, today and everyday but I really like having Thanksgiving with my family.  Oh, what a blessing!  I miss my sons.  It is making me cry to think of them.  I know that our children grow up and 'become' but that doesn't mean that I don't wish they all lived close by and dropped in once in awhile or even called once a month or so.  sigh.  Nuffathat.
I will close on that note and write more later or tomorrow.  I need to vent which I haven't had the energy to do lately due to stoopid sikkies.  bleah.  Blessings on this Earth and the People on it.  I know there is both good and bad going has always been that way.  Thanks to the media, we know much more about the bad than we ever wanted or needed to know.  Blessings on President Obama so that he will lead us in the Right Direction and foster love and caring.

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