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Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Gifts and Gift Giving

Over to the right are two sweaters I made for my doctor.  The blue one was a gift for her, made from Caron Simply Soft yarn.  She liked it so much that she contracted me to make the green one from Lion Brand Wool.  They both came out really nice.  She is one of those tiny people who look good in everything.  The pattern is from Lion Brand "Swing Coat," which is free.  Works up quickly and is easy to follow.
I am finishing up two scarfs from a knit pattern that I designed.   It is knit and has shaping so that it is comfortable around your neck.  Below is two pictures of it in different types of yarn.  I have been working on Christmas gifts and am still coming up with ideas!  I think it's a little late and I need to stop, what do you think??  Smile. 
My grandchildren will be here on the 19th to celebrate Christmas.  I look forward to that day every year.  I couldn't get all my sons together to get a picture of them so I have substituted my grandkids and they love having their pictures taken and are wonderful hams!!
I have not been journaling for my soul and spirit like I promised myself I would.  I will not make a New Year's Resolution because if I am going to do it, I am just going to do it for myself and not because I forced myself.
Today I had to clean the cat litter box early because it seems that Regan and Bearli were competing as to who could make the messiest litter.  oh woe-man!  Anyway, I got up at 5:00am because I couldn't stand it anymore.  
I am sending off my long distance Christmas gifts.  I made shopping bags and felted baskets/bowls for all my friends.  I love making felted stuff.   Someone gave me some very old fisherman's wool and I have been using that for the baskets.  It looks pretty classy, if I do say so myself.  I also made my granddaughter a felted camera case for the new camera she is getting.   It is pink and gray with little doghouse and doggie buttons on it.  The camera is pink and silver so that will fit well, I think.
I have been veg-ging out in front of the computer.  And Wed evening I even went to the evening Karaoke Night.  It was so much fun.  Too bad people take themselves so seriously or more ppl would get up and sing and relax.  I was an entertainer...once an entertainer, always an entertainer.  I have such a great time singing all types of songs.   It is not ego, it is enjoying oneself and getting joy out of the talents that God gave to me.  But I do live with a lot of elderly (sometimes that seems to equate to grouchy...) and disabled people and sometimes I think their faces would crack if they had an honest emotion.  Yikes.  Bad me. 
Well, 'moff to finish a few chores, take meds, address gift envelopes, finish two scarfs.  Hope everyone has Blessings pouring down on their heads!!

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