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Monday, May 17, 2010

I have been MIA for awhile...where has the time gone!!

I had designed an easy and soft pair of boot socks that could be crocheted or knit with a crochet heel and toe.  I came across it about 6 weeks ago and have been immersed in wonderful boot socks.   But they aren't done yet.  I have been testing it myself and due to brain fog (fibrofog?) [I very seldom use that excuse but it is the only one I could come up with at this time...:-) ].  Frustration.   So anyway, if anyone in the universe sees this and wouldn't mind testing this sock made with worsted weight yarn and size I hook, please let me know.  Thanks.
So I shall be back soon with or without the finished design but with pictures! 
Yesterday my son Brendan, his wife and their three children came to visit me.  I roasted chicken and potatoes with a greenbean vegetable.  And greatly enough, my dil, Julie, and other granddaughter showed up and we had a nice time!  We ate, hugged a lot, looked at little gifts.  Youngest granddaughter was all excited because she finally got her pez toy.  grin.
I am playing Farmville and Treasure Isle on Facebook.  Harmless and kind of fun.  Keeps my mind occupied when I am worried about things (like money).  SS cut my check by $110 and it was not even anything before that but now it is even less.  I am looking on this as a challenge to my organizational skills.  The GREAT NEWS is that I have lots of yarn from past endeavors to keep me busy as I am getting ready for a craft show in November.  Last year's fair was a dud because 7 other groups held their craft stuff on the very same day as ours.  Better research this year, what do you think???
Blessings to you all.  May Father and Mother God show themselves to you in small miracles.

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