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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Saturday Morning

I just noticed that I have 8 followers.  I am thankful for any followers.  I have been creating crocheted objects without writing down the patterns.  Since my son died, I am not motivated to do much except make prayer shawls and lapghans.  Am including a few in this post.  I think I just finished my 35th since March 28, 2011.  My priorities are so changed, my life feels so useless.  I have very good help and counselors but I miss my son on this earth so vry much.  I have 3 others and I am now so afraid that I will lose one of them.  It is so different when it is someone old because you know they have led long lives.  When it is someone young and so full of life, it is difficult. 
Today my daughter-in-law is taking Timothy's two teenagers to King Richard's Faire.  I hope they have one helluva time all to my son's honor.  Timothy loved King Richard's Faire.  It is in Carver MA.

This weather is grand.  I have been sharing the scents and colors with Timothy via candles.  I used to think people who talked like that were weird but now I understand.  I am so proud of my son.  He was beautiful...even though all my sons think that word doesn't describe boys...they were all handsome, gorgeous, cute, football player type, adorable, whatever other word you can think of. 
This shawl was made for Timothy's father and his stepmother.  I tried to make something for everyone because I needed to be busy and it is my contribution even though I have no money. 

Has anyone checked out the double stitch twins blog and work?  They are incredible and the their things work up fast.  I made one sweater from them and just finished their newest newsboys cap.  Very cute.

My youngest cat has been sick with allergies.  He is sitting here next to me.  It's amazing he will even be in the same room with me with all the meds I have had to inflict on him.  I bought pocket pills to help give him one med and  he doesn't like the treat.   yikes.  Anyone reads this and has any ideas please comment and let me know.  Thank you.

This prayer shawl was made for my daughter in law, Jenn.  I love the colors.  Sigh.  Life goes on and I will go on until the Parents in Heaven call me home.  Meanwhile, I will do the best I can.  What else is there?

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