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Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing with new medications. Not my idea of a good time!

Hello All.   I want to welcome any followers that I have.  I tried to send messages to each of you but could not figure out how to do that so gave up and am sorry for the Mass Welcome!  Am happy to share with you.

This picture was taken on March 13, 2010 when I was going to a wedding.  It hides my fat fairly well.  But I am working on hiding the fat even better~~
Scrubbed the bathtub today.  Yikers!   Because of my two cats, I rinse it often but surely must scrub it more than I do.  Bleah.  Do I seem lazy?  I'm not, just whine-ing.  It's good to be a whiner from time to time.

New meds:  Got a new doctor and she has changed my sleeping pill from Trazadone to Ambien.  The Ambien works well and I sleep longer than 2-1/2 hours as before.  But I haven't gotten used to the Ambien yet and have sort of a little drag time in the a.m....which is usually my finest hours!!!  This, too, shall pass.

I finished make a bunch of angel dishcloths and have them all sold already!  I am hiding the money I make from the government because it is SO, I am hiding the money for our upcoming crafts sale so that I have change.  It's so little. 

The days have been so beautiful and today it is overcast.  I don't mind.  The weather is one of the things that I sort of ignore, other than to bring an umbrella or wear a warm coat.  It is good to be better able to change the things I can and know which things I cannot change, such as the weather.  Smile.

I have one more pattern that I am working on designing...Super Simple Felted Slippers.  Will let you know how that comes along.  Again,  Thank you for being one of my Followers!  Blessings to all.

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