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Monday, July 06, 2009

Ageless Wisdom, Perspective; Regan

This big boy over in the picture is Regan. He is a Maine Coon and was two years old here. He is now 7. I loved his looked like a peacock feather. Regan is the most patient child cat! He looks at me sometimes like he knows exactly what I am saying. His eyes are a clear Green and he is a joy in my life.
I found an article about Ageless Wisdom. At the beginning of the article is a quote by Madeline L'Engle: "The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been." I have been trying to put that exact thought into words for a long time. I have integrated myself and am now all that I have been, am now, and will be. There were 50 Reasons Why Older is Better and a few bear repeating: #47. You know from experience--yours and that of others--that a CLEAR CONSCIENCE and PEACE OF MIND far outweigh fame or fortune. #48. You are learning to put the past behind you, put the future into proper PERSPECTIVE and live each day as if it might be your last, for someday it will be.
I think that PERSPECTIVE is the one thing that I learned through my many years of life's experiences and counsleing...through flashbacks, times when I wasn't "with myself," raising children, PAIN. I don't "mind" physical pain but the people who can hurt me scare me to sons, their families, my sisters and brother, my parents, grandparents, people I looked up to. What helped me through all the pain, etc., is PERSPECTIVE.
Took me YEARS to build that perspective, to realize that that is what has saved me. I have also learned to love people as they stand. Perspective has helped me with that. I had an occasion recently to look back at how much pain I caused myself, too. I realized that, because of my perspective, I can let so much go that isn't important in the long run and I am calmer and more peaceful for it.
I wish my children and their families Perspective. I wish Harry Perspective. (Our 12-week anniversary is today.) I pray that I and they can accept that life is all about ups and downs and is never what we want but what we need. Blessings on Timothy, Shawn, Brendan, Kevin, Julie, Lisadil, Tegan, Devin, Bek, Emma, Caleb, Natalie, Jennifer, Abigail. I want them all to know that I love them dearly, think of them often. And Regan and Bearli, my 2nd family. Smile.

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