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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday with Bearli and Regan and...Life

This is a bag that I made a few years ago. It was awkward to make. The pattern is from Carol Ventura and I love it! It has been various things in my home: a clothespin bag, a "hold the felt yarn" bag so Bearli won't eat it. The only thing I would change is I wish I had put a long strap on it so I could use it for a shoulder strap purse. But I still love it!! And the one on the right is a soft-sided felted bag that I created myself. I love the way it came out. It went to my dil for Christmas.

A few days ago, a neighbor was being extremely rough on his new puppy (black lab, I think) and I ran across the parking lot and told him to "stop, just stop." He yelled back at me for awhile and told me that the vet told them to treat the dog like that. I can't believe anyone would sanction bouncing a dog off the ground and hitting him on the head. Yikes. And a little girl was watching. Anyway, I told that person that I would report it if I saw that again. So today, someone called me to tell me that I was going to be sued, the woman has a lawyer cousin or brother, etc. I am in awe of people! All I will say if they stop me is that I said and did what I thought was right. The end, right? Wrong. Because I am obsessing about it and worrying and I don't need to. bleah me.

Today I am going to the bank to replace my lost debit card. I have never lost one before. I guess I'm due.

I have been crocheting baby hats and am now making a blanket from the bulky yarn that the Sr Ctr had in their closet. It isn't bad. I am making a hex "squre" with a bit of design in it. I am listening to old-time cowboy western music. It is different and I recognize so many of them. I even remember the words to most of them and I am not that old!!

I am feeling down and sciatica is down there with the things that are happening with Harry. He has been just horrendous and yelling and grouchy and angry. And forgetful. I think he is going into Alzheimer's and on Monday I will go to the doctor's with him and make sure that something is said about this change in Harry...or maybe it has been this way all along and no one has been close enough to him to see it. Anyway, that is another worry.

"Ghost Riders" in the skyyyyy. On that note, I will close and hope to write again soon. I have not felt like buckling myself down to write but I know there is much I should journal.

The world still has beautiful people and environment on it and life goes on...

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  1. Hi, I do love this bag, it must be very diffucult
    to knit that one but the result is excellent. I love cats and I love anything with cats on.