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Saturday, July 04, 2009

I used to be an interpreter for the deaf and had to quit because I couldn't afford all the certificates and licenses that you needed. I loved going to the Continuing Education Classes and meeting other people and being immersed in sign language and I miss it. I am still in contact with deaf friends but that is not enough practice to keep up the receiving end of interpreting. Rats. But I did teach sign language classes and Deaf Culture Classes for over 30 years and that was such a good thing for me. This picture of me is rather dreadful...I look done in and dragged through the mud. Did you ever have one of those faces? bodies? days?
I will watch the Bristol Parade on Harry's big screen tv today. It will be relaxing. I have brought with me felt to cut out baby slippers while I watch. I love to do these projects while I watch tv. Don't know why, but they relax me and make me feel accomplished at the same time!
Short post today because I am tired from our "day off" yesterday. We did a lot of walking and a lot of looking plus we had wonderful scallops at a tiny arcade restaurant in the Swansea Mall. And Ice Cream from Haagen Dazs (however you spell that!!) Fat City!!
Blessings and prayers for my sons and the hope that they will know a Higher Power.

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