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Friday, September 04, 2009

That "puppy" to the right is Bearli 'Longboy.' Isn't he beautiful??
It has been awhile. Everyday I look at my blogspot and then leave it. I don't know if I think that it will mature and grow on its own or what! smile. I am having a fasting blood test this a.m. and will be taken by friendSue. She is so nice to be around and we have some good conversations.
I have been going back and forth with my senator(s) (There is supposed to be two however only one responds.) regarding the health care reform. I read a statement by Senator Jack Reed and it said nothing clarifying where elderly and Medicare fits into this new plan. I am concerned. Right now I have no medical insurance, but eventually I will get Medicare--that is, if it still exists. I don't know. I just pray to a Higher Power that things will work out as they are supposed to. I know that I won't vote for Obama again. He has done too many negative things to people since he got in. I thought this would be a better change and at first it looked like it might be...then time marched on and it seems that things are not what they "orta" be. Again, I will pray for what God's Will is and to accept Her/His Will.
Bearli is here looking for bugs. His favorite thing is to watch spiders on the ceiling and that longboy can Jump High!!
I will keep this short today. I only want to thank my friend, Pat, for hanging in there for me and being there for me. It's nice to have the same friend for 58 years!! Yikers. And she is the same person and has the Same Face as always.
I love my son, Kevin. I miss roller skating with him and his sense of humor. I also miss his caring. I pray for him often.
I love my other three sons, also, but today is Kevin's day. Thank you, God, for all I am, all I have, and all I have experienced.

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