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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This beautiful rascal to the right is my granddaughter. She is SO Cool!!
-----I had an insight this morning that I couldn't wait to write down and share with myself so I could read it over and see what I think. Smile:
-----Sometimes when people are jumping in to tell you about THEIR pain in response to something you've said--they COULD BE telling you that they understand, NOT trying to one-up your story. I know that is sometimes the case from my end and I have never turned it around to observe from the other person's viewpoint. Hm. I think that is a valid looksee that I must have now so I can understand people better.
-----I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm to get ready for our annual craft sale in the community in which I live. We have fun, eat a lot (badme), see interesting stuff, get a few more ideas, and buy something we probably don't need but it's beautiful.
-----I think daily of my sons: Timothy of the "working to get along better in life" mode; Shawn of the "anger is my aim, being smarter is my game" mode; Brendan of the "being promoted, taking care of family, and helping others" mode; and last BUT NOT LEAST, Kevin of the "having severe diabetes and trying to make Jenn's life easier" mode. I miss them and love them so much. I never thought that anyone or anything could be as beautiful as the day each one of them was born and looking at this newborn with clean and clear eyes of motherhood. Wow. That is all I can say. Growing up with them (and I did) (I think it's a requisite in parenthood) was a map for someone with energy and creativity. I guess that is why God gave me that Right/ Rite. I wasn't big on maturity, nor was I full of perfection, but I WAS protective of them like a mama lion!!!! Probably to their detriment. I just happen to lose my Motherhood Book of instructions that they came with....oh, wait, there wasn't one. grin.
-----I'm going to go do the dishes. I'd rather be posting but.... Blessings.

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