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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday and still Cold-City!!

I have a cold and I sound like a guy on the phone.  It has been a long time that I have been ill.  Do you think I should take myself to the doctor's?  "Yep," says Linda, stupidly. 

These smiling faces are my son, Tim, and his wife, Julie.  They are good together! 

I am still trying to make time to knit and crochet for our upcoming Craft Fair, however, I keep getting caught up in patterns online.  I collect patterns and love sitting down to look through them for what I want to make next!!  I love new techniques.  I have been crocheting for over 55 years and I still find new techniques.  It is amazing to me. 

I will keep this short because I don't have much to say today.  I had nightmares last night and that is overriding anything I might add that is good.  In my nightmares I am always looking for something and I am always without clothes in some way and trying to save people.  What a mix-up that is, huh?  Nuffathat.
Have a most wonderful Wednesday.  I pray to Norma to watch over Julie and help her to work her way through what she is experiencing.  Norma, are you listening?  Smile.  I am thankful for small things:  toilet tissue, water, (or is that big thing???), and my computer that allows me to search and learn.

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